Welcome to ConVent: a tour of Convention society with a hefty side of Kate-weird

In the tradition of very small presses, ConVent has gone from being released Real Soon Now to being released Any Time Now. Needless to say I’m excited. And I have a cover!

Multitalented multifarious Sarah Hoyt has graciously provided cover art that captures the multifold complex layering of this unique literary tour-de-farce. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

Anyway, snippetses are available here and here (in that order), and there will be more, so keep watching the Naked Truth for more hot undercover angel (that doesn’t sound quite right somehow).

Oh, yes. The disclaimers. Everyone except those who asked (and in some cases begged) for it is a combination of original character and pastiche of observations from multiple sources. The people who asked got to decide what I was going to do to them, and how. You know who you are. Also, the management is not responsible for any sprayed keyboards, liquid inhalation or other laughter-related ailments induced by reading ConVent. Really. If you’re silly enough to read it with anything in your mouth, that’s your fault.

And for the persistent a wee snippetses from somewhere middle-ish, just for fun:

We drifted past a couple of editorial types — both smelled of demon — discussing a third in terms that were libelous at best, or would have been if they hadn’t been totally accurate. Had the subject of their discussion chosen to greet them, they would have been instantly best friends until they parted ways and could slip the knife in again.

Welcome to the publishing industry. The only business in the world that uses Machiavelli for its code of ethics — and uses him incompetently at that.


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