In Praise of Weird Study Methods

I was talking recently with a fairly young writer- and, side note; when did I become one of the adults? This is weird- and as writers do, she started telling me about the series she’s working on. The worldbuilding is wonderfully detailed; the characters numerous and vividly drawn; the actual story a little disjointed, exactly... Continue Reading →

Writing craft

[--- Karen Myers ---] As often, single-panel comic artists distill the essence of story with admirable skill. They can only succeed with the cooperation of their readers, just like writers of fiction. Is the image above, a single moment, the start of a story (inciting incident)? Is it the mid-point crisis (now everything changes)? Is... Continue Reading →

Continuity vs. Character Growth

One of the perils of writing regencies is that I tend to write them while I’m half asleep, so I end up with a lot of somewhat disjointed and contradictory passages that I have to stitch together and massage into some kind of story. In this case, a cozy-ish murder mystery. This can lead to... Continue Reading →

Throw Away Your Scriptures

No this is not an anti-religion post. It is rather a post about the accumulation of "scripture" and lists of thou shalt and thou shalt not that accrues to anyone trying to learn the fiction (or even non fiction, but that's different) writing craft. Look, I understand, it's scary out there, and not all of... Continue Reading →

Out of Touch

It’s always interesting when the Internet ceases to exist. Well, in ones own home. I really don’t want to see the whole modern world come to a screeching halt with commerce in a tangle. rather amazing how quickly it has become possible to order something from half way around the World while sitting at your... Continue Reading →

We’re Not Responsible for….

This post has schizophrenia. Part of me wants to tell you that there are things beyond your ability to control. That not only are you not perfect, but you're not expected to be. Stop beating yourself. And the other part just wants to inform people in general of the things they can be mad at... Continue Reading →

Because We All Need A Laugh

I’m having one of those weeks where I’m working hard and getting things done, but every time I cross something off the to-do list, three more things jump onto it. Someday, I’ll get around to writing a few not-time-sensitive posts that I can pull out of the hat on days like today. But today is... Continue Reading →

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