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A fair go

Now, while it is said – with some truth – that I took the important aspects of my children’s education upon myself – as a result they have the requisite skills to hang by one arm from a tree, scratch with the other, and fling coconuts with their feet, they did attend school. Someone had to teach them reeling, writhing and fainting in coils, after all. Just down the road from their school was jolly posh establishment – probably the toff… toffee-n… er… top private boarding school in the country. Undoubtedly in the top four, and the most expensive at the time. Read more

Getting Back Together

Once upon a time . . . I wrote big complex novels with multiple POV’s and groups of characters going off in different directions and doing all sorts of interesting things, before they came back together for the final battle.

Now I seem to be writing shorter works with fewer detours and side threads.

Oh, I know why I started writing short. Read more

A new policy for attending cons by John Ringo

 A new policy for attending cons by John Ringo

So Larry Correia’s invite as GOH to Origins got rescinded because he’s ‘racist’, ‘homophobe’, ‘has sex with manatees’ etc.
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There Are No Words

I would have loved to be able to rant about the stupidity of certain ideological literary types, the kind who think that disinviting someone from a guest of honor position because someone might get offended is perfectly acceptable, but sadly, my ability to produce a decent rant is horribly impaired by one simple problem.

These folks have plumbed depths of stupid so deep that to call them morons risks offending perfectly decent morons. If I called them flaming turds of stupid, that would be an insult to all the flaming turds out there – and let’s face it, flaming turds are capable of being useful.

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Point A to Point B, Via Q, 3, and $

The Great Move still hasn’t happened, but it’s on schedule at the moment, and continues to give me post fodder. Part of The Great Move includes The Road Trip, you see, and planning that has made me think about distance. Driving nearly two thousand miles from one door to the other tends to focus one’s mind on the subject.

I’ll be on the road for five days. Seems like a long time, right? And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m taking it easy. But that kind of speed would have been unimaginable to people only a few generations ago. Read more

Stop Clawing

When I came into publishing 20 years ago, publishing was an oligopsony.

Not literally, of course.  there are relatively few capable of producing competent books (by competent I mean that a substantial portion of the population will enjoy reading, and maybe want more of) compared to a multitude of potential readers.

The problem was to get at the potential readers, you needed to go through a very few “buyers” — aka publishing houses — which had become even fewer in the decade and a half I’d been trying to sell to them.  So the field was an oligopsony in fact if not in theory. Read more


Or, Don’t Be That Guy*

I’m taking a break from the War of Art commentary, today, to do something less topical, and more time sensitive.

This is a post I’m not terribly looking forward to. In part because it’s been handled many other places, by many other people. Most of them better writers than I. So far, though, they’re all talking about the event. Which isn’t really what I care about, per se.

Last night, John Ward, head of GAMA, and concom for Origins Gaming Fair disinvited Larry Correia as Writer GoH. Not with a phone call. Not with an email. Via a post on the con’s FB page (since deleted). Larry’s been left hanging, having paid for airline tickets to a con at which he’s no longer welcome.

So be it.
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