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The never-ending novel. 

I’m finally through the worst of the massive and insurmountable hurdles with our home. Most of them, being me, I went around.  Some of them I just went through.  And a few proved just massive and not insurmountable.  Still it was, in retrospect, a crazy, huge project to undertake, taking an old house, moving it and… um rebuilding the part that the contractors moved and broke (who did the second third – I and friends did the first, and I and friends did the last third. Especially the last third was a vast amount of prep – dig a hole. Roll the house over the hole (filling with water… and drive the truck into the hole, drop the house a little onto the truck, and then drive and pull the truck out.  That, in the end left me with 1/3 either end of a home –up on semi-trailers (where it will remain), a floor in the  middle, that my friend helped me reconstruct, and the frames – some of which were very much the worse for wear. Read more

Oops Again

Apparently 2020 has done something to me, because I’ve spaced my posting day so many times this year it’s not funny. So, yet again, sorry.

That said, I honestly don’t know what to talk about. I’ve been hermiting so hard and having so much trouble braining of late that there doesn’t seem to be much there. Sure, I can ramble on about anything and everything, but it feels to me like I’ve been doing way too much of that this year.

For that matter, this year hasn’t been good for anyone except the wannabe tyrants and those who watch said wannabe tyrants for evidence and world-building material. Even though stories have to make sense where reality doesn’t, it’s harder to argue that something wouldn’t ever happen when you can point to recent history and say that yeah, it did happen.

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Did you know that Walmart has packages of frog legs in their freezer case? At least, the one near my house does.

I now live on the line between the Midwest and the South, so there have been a few things that make me scratch my head. Like, frog legs in the grocery store (I didn’t try them; they weren’t cheap enough to entice me). But frog legs pale in comparison to trying to make myself understood. Read more

Putting Things Together

How were they taken apart, you ask?
Well, those of you who have been following my life this year (it’s hard. It’s been bouncing all over like a rubber ball) know it’s not the easiest year to deal with.

To begin with, it was always going to be a transitional year.  What I mean by that is that with both the boys graduating, and at least one of them for sure moving out of state, and the other one punting to our basement apartment till he found a job, (who knows where?) it was going to be…. oh, messy is a good term.

But then starting in January the year went …. interesting.

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Cassandra again

The trouble with writing plausible fiction is that people jump to the odd conclusion that every book is a wish-fulfilment Mary Sue.  I suppose there ARE writers whose every character is either themselves or cardboard caricature cutout of ‘people they don’t like’. Read more

My suspension of disbelief just went *sproing*

Cedar posted a request a few weeks ago for more books that fit in “tactical romance”. I happily pounced upon the several places on social media this was shared, anticipating a big thick To Be Read pile I could plow through.

Turns out a good chunk of them I’d already read. So I compiled a list of the rest, and started in on KU and samples.

I’m not going to pick on the particular author by name – and goodness knows she has lots more reviews and sales than me, so she’s doing something very right for her audience, but… Read more

I’ve Got Rhythm

Actually I got rhythm but no music, because I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, or hear pitch since a great bit pneumonia at about 14. (Weirdly songs heard before then I can sing.)

Anyway, what on Earth does that have to do with writing.

Let me tell you.

You see, I came at writing fiction from poetry, which is a minor perversion, and yet has its advantages.

Only even I didn’t quite understand this except in a blind, instinctive way which meant that when I tried to think about it and do it by numbers (there’s always a time you do it by numbers because you’re sick/tired/worried about the baby) I messed it up. Read more

A Bonfire of Vanities

As we seem to be caught up in a bonfire of vanities (in Savonarola sense rather than the Tom Wolfe novel) where anything that might lead people to ‘sin’ (in the eyes of the modern fanatic, of the new ‘religion’) must be destroyed, I’m wondering how long before they come for books, and the authors. The authors who are part of the Woke cult are already much under its sway, but that’s because the esteem of their co-religionists is so important to them, and to be ostracized from the cult is worst of possible of possible punishments. This is why ‘Requires Hate’ and her little coterie of nasty camp-followers and disciples – an irrelevant group with no influence outside their little circle of fellow believers, were able to wreck careers and lives… inside their circle. They tried on those outside… and found their accusations and demands laughed at by people who placed no value on their or their cult’s regard. So they used their power where they were powerful. Read more

Is telling the truth now safe only in fiction?

I was struck by the recent brouhaha over J. K. Rowling’s comments about transsexuality and female identity.  I won’t repeat all the details here, but those who didn’t follow the controversy can find the details in these articles:

J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues

J.K. Rowling slammed for defending concept of biological sex

Eddie Redmayne speaks out against JK Rowling’s trans tweets

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Ground Control to Major Tom

A topic that comes up frequently on my radar is, how does the human race leave Earth and settle other planets? I usually bow out of these discussions because a) I have no intention of settling on another planet and b) no space colony would take me, so it’s rather a moot point.

But the subject came up yet again, and I don’t have anything better to write about today, so, let’s talk. Read more