Habits, For Better or Worse

Some days, I don’t feel like doing anything. This time of year, those days are more frequent than not. So I fall back on habits and routines, and the ever-present and never-shortening To-Do List to keep me on track. Certain tasks can be done on autopilot, and then I don’t have to chase myself with... Continue Reading →

Do The Work – by Sarah A. Hoyt

I am, like Mr. Bennet in pride and prejudice, a mixture of Odd Parts. During the late (but not great, mostly just sad, disappointing and destroying the rest of the mystic I saw in the organizations in the field) kerfuffle in the field, someone on our side in politics decided I needed to be destroyed... Continue Reading →

The Blurb from the Abyss

[--Pam Uphoff--] Blurbs. The bane of many an author’s existence. They aren’t a brief synopsis, they’re a teaser. A hook. Something to get the potential reader to at least “look inside” if not just hit the buy now button. I'm pretty bad at them. So I just put up a book, with my usual last... Continue Reading →

What is a Geek?

Geek, not Greek. When I’m not paying attention, those words look remarkably similar. It gets especially interesting when reading regencies, where ‘greeking’ was a term associated with cheating at cards. Merriam-Webster is not overly positive on the subject of geeks, defining it as 1) a person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked, or,... Continue Reading →

Carafe Syndrome

So there was an interesting kerfuffle on my blog, and I got very angry. If this is posting after twelve it's because I didn't get it written in time to make it to my doctor's appointment for prednisone. I'm not going to name the commenter, because this is not the point of this post and... Continue Reading →

The Family Business by Sarah A. Hoyt

Back when joining SFWA was a mark of finally being a professional (okay, okay, so it probably wasn't even then, but we didn't know any better), our older son joined SFWA at thirteen, with his first professional short story sale. We sent in the application and didn't hear for a while. Turned out that there... Continue Reading →

Tangible Results

I could have sworn I had a post on this subject, all ready for a blast from the past, but maybe not. Or maybe it’s under a different title and I’ll find it at random sometime in the future. In any case, time for a periodic reminder that results matter. There’s something satisfying about finishing... Continue Reading →

Failing Upward

Hi there, all of you shiny writers and beginning writers on the other side of the screen! I'm here to bring you great tidings: you're going to fail. Whatever you think you're going to do with this writing thing? You're going to fail. And it's going to be amazing. Um.... stop crying okay? Let me... Continue Reading →

Missing Whimsy?

Alma T. C. Boykin Whimsy. Noun. 1. A whim or caprice, 2. the quality or state of being whimsical or fanciful. (Mirriam-Webster on Line). It just appeared in English in the 1500s-1600s, and might be related to Scandinavian words meaning to flutter the eyes or come from a term for puns. Either of which makes... Continue Reading →

Never look back

Becoming a pillar of salt may be a pleasant fate. Seriously, one of the problems that many good authors suffer from is that of looking back -- because they want to know how they're doing. This is a little like stopping running to see if the leopard is closer or not. Of course, for the... Continue Reading →

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