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As anyone who has read Dave’s blog posts knows, the ordinary can be made extraordinary with the right touch. I treasure his descriptions of nights finding things one would prefer not to discover with bare feet and other such joys of life – and I have made my own share of these nocturnal findings, what with two cats who have the usual feline stomach and hairball issues at times.

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Creative Interests and What to Do About Them

I was talking with Sarah a couple days ago, and in the midst of a rather elliptical conversation- is there any other kind?- I mentioned that I don’t understand how people can live without having creative interests. But apparently there are people in the world who get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and get up and do the same thing the next day. Sometimes they go to the gym or watch a show on TV, if they need a little variety. But they never make anything, and they rarely take up a new hobby or interest. How boring.

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You’ve Got To Give A Little

So I can imagine you guys looking at last week’s post and going “okay, so the second one when you were awake is sort of acceptable, but it’s still a lot of work, and what if we don’t have your familiarity with a graphics program?”

Well, fear not.  Or at least don’t fear a lot.  There’s still options for free or for money (for money if you want something more specific.)  And we’re not talking hundreds of dollars.  More like $15.  Yeah, I know that’s sometimes too much. Which is why I started out doing this, for friends who wanted to try indie but hadn’t even that. Read more


A couple of months back I was diving with my usual partner, when we hit on some productive ground for spiny lobster. Now, contrary to perceptions, to find a place twice underwater, especially if the visibility is not great, is actually rather difficult. We’re diving on Hookah (compressed air from the surface) so much less constrained with time – but also, as it were, on a leash to the boat. That limits your range to a 100 yard radius circle around the boat, but does mean you can follow the hose – or haul on it – to get back to the boat. As we often dive in very strong currents this means you can dive where SCUBA would be suicidal. You’d never get back to the boat, and the next stop might be South America. Read more


Why on God’s Green Earth am I creating a collection of my stories?

Well, you see, I had all these three quarters written stories, all in my Wine of the Gods series, but I’d written and published past them. And my numbering is mixed up enough already thank you. Read more

Heroing For The Rest Of Us

In the favored genres here, particularly with our tendency to prefer the more old-fashioned kind of SF and Fantasy (where men were real men, women were real women, and little green men from Mars were real little green men from Mars… You know the drill), the non-villainous side of the cast list has a tendency to get a little bit larger than life.

There’s this creeping tendency to gift the hero… protagonist with extra powers, extra smarts, extra good looks and the like. There’s a definite trend towards extra muscularity in the males and gravity-defying firmness of the front-mounted weapon emplacements in the females, too.

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Resources for Covers

For reasons known only to the psychiatrist I don’t have, I decided to do a seminar on covers. You can find the first post here, and the second here.

Today we’re going to cover one of the topics that stop most people: where do I find the art?

I’ve seen covers made with pictures the author took or drew which are often stunningly inappropriate to the genre and book. And I’ve heard people say that they’d have to pay two thousand dollars for covers.  This is ridiculous.  There are many, many sources of free and cheap images on line. Read more