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Messages in our minds

Man is a rationalizing creature, not a rational one. We can no more order ourselves perfectly from top-down principles than we can tell ourselves “I’m going to eat right, exercise, and get all my chores done from now on!” (Well, we can say that. You all know exactly how well it works.)

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Process vs. Event

No, this isn’t a NaNoWriMo post. Well, not really, though it touches on that. This actually started when my darling and I were discussing the need to reshelve books. In our house, this can become a big deal – not just because we like to pull out old favourites to read, but because Peter pulls out lots of books to check on facts while researching (Many things for his westerns are much easier to look up in the right reference book instead of spending hours searching on the web, and same for military history research that gets transmuted into milSF.)

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With a little help from my friends…

Let me cheerfully destroy an illusion for you: I’m not a super guru of blurbs. I just write more of them than the average writer, so with slightly more practice, I have gotten slightly better skills. (for values of… I think I’ve written around 40? that are on books on sale, not counting practice blurbs on books that are already published, or blurbs that were written as examples and authors then used the example to craft something else for their own.)

But there are times I write real stinkers, too. And there are times like yesterday afternoon, when I am still completely exhausted from cleaning the house and Day Job, on top of the exhaustion from LibertyCon, on top of the exhaustion and pain of the months of dental medical adventures, when it’s time to give up and ask for help. Read more

Owning your success

The last thing I told you was to take it easy on yourself. Now, I’m going to tell you to do something that’ll come hard to a lot of you: Own your Success. Read more

Be kind to yourself

We all have our hopes, dreams, and plans and timetables. They don’t always work out. Illness and injury – not just on your end, but your editor or cover designer or family member – can easily derail said plans. Single-parenting can do so when the spouse is too ill or gone on work assignment. Life happens!

Take it easy on yourself.

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Still Nervous

So, I wrote this thing?

Do any of the rest of you get that occasional moment of wonder that people – perfect strangers – are reading your story? Read more

When things don’t go as planned

There was supposed to be a post this morning. Instead, my darling husband was taking me off to the chiropractor, who took one look at me limping in and said, “Put your back out again?”

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