Navigating from Writing to Publication

This is a list of helpful posts written by members of the Mad Genius Club. It is intended to help authors and independent publishers (usually in one and the same person) navigate the process from writing through publication and beyond, into marketing. It is an organic list: a work in progress that will grow, being added to periodically as new posts are written, information is updated, and if you have questions, feel free to pose them. Although the information found by following the links below was correct when written, it may need to be adapted as technology changes, new software emerges, and publication venues change. Formatting requirements are not static, we want to note, and you should always check them directly at the distributor you are using (Amazon, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, et al) before you proceed with that step.

Writing Phase

Editing Phase


Promotion and Marketing

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  1. I know that Cedar posted the link to this the other day, but it’s abominably hard to find without the direct link. You might want to add a link to it somewhere that will be easier to find. Maybe a tab at the top?

    1. You don’t need money to ‘get a publisher.’ I’m not sure where you thought that came from? There are a few publishers who do accept unagented submissions, but acquiring an agent is merely a game of patience, persistence, and politics, not payment. And all this is only necessary if you are pursuing traditional publishing routes.

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