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Posts from the ‘PROMOTION’ Category

New Release — Tracked

This is the second of the series I’m currently relaunching. The first, Hunted, is currently available in both print and digital versions. Tracked was originally released approximately five years ago as Hunter’s Duty. This relaunch version has been re-edited and expanded. It is currently available as an e-book. (Update: it is now available in print but the editions aren’t yet linked.)

Here’s the blurb: Read more

Come One, Come All

Hear ye, hear ye, readers of the Mad Ones. It is the 5th Friday of the month. That means Promotion Day is here. We’re all in the middle of various projects, work, family, etc. So here’s your chance to tell us what you’re reading or to promote one–ONE–of your own books. The only rules are you have to link to Amazon (and no Amazon Associate links, please) and if you are linking to your own work or to an author you act as agent/editor/etc for, you may only link one title.

This is not a curated list. That means the MGC bloggers make no guarantees about the books listed in the comments.

The floor is now yours.

Making young bookworms: looking to the future

Today’s post comes out of a librarian acquaintance commenting on the new YA and MG list he had to buy from, and this post on YA from David Farland. Now, David Farland is one of the mildest and politest people in the entire writing world. He makes a genuine effort to be supportive of other writers, and he goes out of his way to be nice and kind – even to those who really are behaving like their up-bringing was done in a sty. You can read his post here,  and you might want to consider rewarding a decent man by buying the YA book he mentions at the end. Read more

Psst. Wanna buy a book?

Looking for something a little spooky, a lot fun, and a little different?

Say, something…

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I like pie…

Now my answer to who gets what share of the pie in publishing (actually in most things) is hey, let’s make a bigger pie.

That’s always seemed a sensible answer to me. I’ve spent years talking about ways to make reading more popular with as many people as possible. I can summarize many thousands of words into this: Give as many readers as possible what they enjoy. Help them find it, keep them coming back for more.

A rising tide floats ALL boats. Read more

How Not To Market, by Alma Boykin (reprise)

At LibertyCon, Alma Boykin cheerfully referred to herself as the horrible warning, and the great example of what marketing mistakes not to make. Afterward, Peter got thanked by an audience member for all of us being open, honest, and forthcoming about mistakes… but could they hear more on that?

So, sure! Some of you will have seen this before, some of you may have missed it the first time, and some of you weren’t reading the site yet. You’ll note that now we’ve dragged Alma into posting here, for a broader social media presence. (Muahahahahaha!) Read more

What do you want?

That question, or some variation of it, is one we hear too many times to count during the course of our lives. What do you want to eat? What do you want to do? What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to come from X, Y or Z? It is a question each writer needs to ask at various points of their careers — what do you want to write? What do you want to be, indie or traditionally published? What do you want, money or awards? What do you want to be, a genre writer or a literary one? Read more