The Blurb from the Abyss

[--Pam Uphoff--] Blurbs. The bane of many an author’s existence. They aren’t a brief synopsis, they’re a teaser. A hook. Something to get the potential reader to at least “look inside” if not just hit the buy now button. I'm pretty bad at them. So I just put up a book, with my usual last... Continue Reading →


Ah! Fall has fallen, with a marvelous cold front (you Northerners can laugh). I’m breaking out the long sleeved shirts for day time highs in the sixties and the multiple warm blankets for lows in the forties. It won’t last. But it will return, again and again, more frequently until Winter is here, and I... Continue Reading →

Time Travelers Contact Department U . . .

Call it a writing prompt--nothing to do with being clueless about what to write--honest! Time Travel Now, how many nations do you think have a special department all fixed up and waiting for the arrival of someone from the future? And what would this (hopefully, really, really boring) department do? Let's see. Surely the US... Continue Reading →

Blind Spots Abound

There are times when you can only sit back and shake your head at the antics of members of the human race. Yesterday was one of those times for me. What really made me want to jump into the fray with both feet was the idiocy began with the promotion of a friend's book about... Continue Reading →

Old Friends and New

Andre Norton was mentioned in a comment somewhere . . . and in trying to trace down which book that was in . . . I wound up binge reading the Time Traders series, remembered that someone had written an extension and checking . . . whoa! Lots of more adventures with old friends. Some... Continue Reading →

Do what works for you

Recently, I've seen a spate of requests on various social media posts and blog sites talking about what software writers use. Like the debate between Mac vs PC, the word processing wars can become more than a bit intense. If you toss in photo manipulation programs and conversion programs and, well, war can break out... Continue Reading →

Spy Thriller

Since no one else is posting I'll jump in with my WIP. I have the start of a story . . . now I just need to figure out what to do with it . . . Wretched thing feels like the introduction to a TV series. What is Professor Barton going to do this... Continue Reading →

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