Out of Touch

It’s always interesting when the Internet ceases to exist. Well, in ones own home. I really don’t want to see the whole modern world come to a screeching halt with commerce in a tangle. rather amazing how quickly it has become possible to order something from half way around the World while sitting at your... Continue Reading →

‘Money for nothing’

I have been fascinated by the rise in the number of people believing that really, there is a free lunch. And that somehow, they will get it. It seems that 1960's sf (I'm thinking of Pohl and Kornbluth, but there are others) had a better idea of the gods of the copybook headings than has... Continue Reading →


What? Is this my day?Uh, uh, think fast! Need subject!All right. I have a first draft, the story is done. Now what?For me, it’s time to bring in the beta readers. Now, what works for me would probably horrify a sensibly paranoid writer—I put it up as a Google Doc and post the URL on... Continue Reading →


Obedience training for Muses (Or is that Musi). Doesn’t really matter, I only have one. So far as I know. Mine is sneaky, hyperactive (except under the influence of antihistamines, decongestants, diet sodas, or extreme stress (when it disappears altogether)) not housebroken, and sure as heck won’t walk on a leash. Which explains (excuses?) my... Continue Reading →

The Blurb from the Abyss

[--Pam Uphoff--] Blurbs. The bane of many an author’s existence. They aren’t a brief synopsis, they’re a teaser. A hook. Something to get the potential reader to at least “look inside” if not just hit the buy now button. I'm pretty bad at them. So I just put up a book, with my usual last... Continue Reading →


Ah! Fall has fallen, with a marvelous cold front (you Northerners can laugh). I’m breaking out the long sleeved shirts for day time highs in the sixties and the multiple warm blankets for lows in the forties. It won’t last. But it will return, again and again, more frequently until Winter is here, and I... Continue Reading →

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