New From Cedar Sanderson!

Cedar has a story in this anthology! It started with a rant, and a lunch, and a challenge. Falcons of Malta is the final Malta Anthology from Raconteur Press and it holds a little bit of everything; Ghosts, Heroes, History, Pirates, Crusaders, Fantasy, Magic and a possible glimpse of the future. A huge part of... Continue Reading →

Terrarium Worlds

Once my eyes get to a focus point, because right now I'm groggy, unfocused, and uncaffeinated, I'll try to make this into a coherent post. Right at the moment, I'm sitting here thinking about terraforming, how most old SciFi that postulates it gets it wrong, how our own planet has been altered in unexpected ways,... Continue Reading →

Writing to Formula

"But Cedar! Formulaic is Bad!" No. No it is not, it's shorthand, more often than not, for you don't like it. Formula is a useful tool, and one most writers are using, even if unconsciously. In fact, to break out of being a formulaic writer, you must understand the formula first, and then deliberately set... Continue Reading →

Toast, Don’t Bite That

There are days I feel like my head is full of fluff and bother. This is one of those days. For one thing, I slept in. Even now, sitting upright at my desk, I would like to go back to bed. However. I have this post to write, conflicting times on an obligation midday today,... Continue Reading →

Sequels and Other Such Difficulties

I have a fondness, in my personal reading, for interconnected books. Not necessarily a series, but books that share characters, or are family sagas, or give a favorite secondary character a chance to step into the spotlight. I also like getting a glimpse of the 'happily ever after' and seeing that indeed, it still exists.... Continue Reading →

Feeling Romantic

I woke up to the gurgle of the coffee pot, and sat up in bed knowing that my husband had made coffee. He'd timed it for when he knew I had to be up and about today, so I could have a first sip with no waiting. That's romantic. After ten years, we know one... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look at the Words

This post was originally published on CedarWrites as 'Blind Writing' in November 2017. I'm off on a field exercise today, shooting wildflowers, so I opted to do a blast from the past post... Sometimes pulling words out of my head is as hard as pulling teeth. I sit here for long, silent moments before I... Continue Reading →

Urges and Impulses

I had the urge to sleep in this morning. I'd had an alarm set - I always do - for a bit after five in the morning to get up and write this post. If I have it done ahead, on rare occasion, I shut off the alarm and roll over to sleep the sleep... Continue Reading →

Finding a Style

You've got style. Whether you realize it or not. I'm not talking about writing voice, here. I'm talking about the underlying document styles that you compose in on any wordprocessor. There are a lot of variations, I'm going to touch on two, and hopefully show you a couple of tricks that will make life easier... Continue Reading →

It’s a Mess

I was sitting here trying to think of a topic to write on, and messing with my hair. I'm going to be out later, on another field trip (birdwatching, yay!) and so I braided my hair this morning rather than twisting it up and skewering it with Hairborne Defenses or another hairstick option. The problem... Continue Reading →

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