Writing to Formula

"But Cedar! Formulaic is Bad!" No. No it is not, it's shorthand, more often than not, for you don't like it. Formula is a useful tool, and one most writers are using, even if unconsciously. In fact, to break out of being a formulaic writer, you must understand the formula first, and then deliberately set... Continue Reading →

Feeling Romantic

I woke up to the gurgle of the coffee pot, and sat up in bed knowing that my husband had made coffee. He'd timed it for when he knew I had to be up and about today, so I could have a first sip with no waiting. That's romantic. After ten years, we know one... Continue Reading →

Tactical Farmhand

This post is expanding on a topic that CV Walter, Jonna Hayden, and I discussed on Episode 3 of the Broad Cast. The Broad Cast is presented by the Three Moms of the Apocalypse, and it's a podcast spun off from the livecast run by JL Curtis. Three women, all highly creative, sitting and chatting... Continue Reading →

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