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Taking Control

I’m almost on time. Getting writing time is … complicated. I have to find something for the children to do that is so interesting they can’t wrench themselves away to interrupt me every three or four minutes looking for the usual validation appropriate for their age. Which, as delightful as such is, is still incredibly damaging to creative flow. I kinda hate summers, and house arrest, and overreaching tyrants who care so damn much. Anyway, almost have this in on time. Enjoy. Read more

A Way Out

Fine, fine. We’re all doing fine, here. Nope. Nobody’s losing it. Not even a little. I swear. Okay, in all honesty, we’re actually going pretty well, here at Caer Dave. Things are shockingly normal, though I keep waiting for it all to get really weird, really quickly. I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I’m heartened by the signs of growing disgust with the political aristoi and their nonsensical handling of current events. Anyway, here: have some fiction.
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I Confess

I’m at a bit of a loss for what to call this chapter. It may actually be only the first part. I’m … writing something serially is weird, and full of … It requires a certain Semper Gumbi attitude. Which is no doubt good for me.

Anyway, Mrs. Dave’s schedule has changed, yet again. It’s … getting … look, I’m a patient man (shaddap) and I like to think I’m capable of rolling with the punches. More or less. I’m starting to get a little tired of this, but Uncle Sugar has a bit stronger pull than I do. So be it. I did manage to knock out a chapter, last night, as I have the littles all day, as evidence I offer that I’m just now getting this up. My apologies on the timing. Let me know what you think. Read more

Shot in the Dark

Things are gettin’ weird, y’all. Mostly, it’s the very air of normalcy with which my fellow Americans are going about this thing that’s making me twitchy. That and the sheer amount of Things which I am accomplishing. Writing not among them. This is actually the first time I’ve managed to sit down since last week. Doing the stuff with the littles takes up a lot of it, but I’m also getting some excellent (and excellently tasty) results from my recent sourdough baking fixation. But not words. The word mines are …
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It’s Just Sparkling Isolation

Quarantine Day #1 – Fires rage out of control. The TPocalypse has left countless dead in the streets, their backsides unclean. Your grandmother was right: you should have put on clean drawers this morning. Rice and beans have climbed in price, and we’re prying the silver out of our own fillings, just to eat. Darkness covers the land. The Wee Horde rampages. Drums, drums in the dark. Read more

Helping Hand

It’s a day. It’s already been a day. And a week. A month. A year. I know several folks who are definitely nonplussed by 2020. In another week or so, I fully expect most of my circles to be downright vexed. It’s proving to be … fraught. Most fraught. Of course, when things are fraught, people want to escape from the chaotic fraughtitude. Which is where we come in. What we’re doing here is explicitly working to increase those opportunities. So here’s a bit more… Read more

And Up

It’s that day, and here you are, and here I am. And I have more fiction! Yay, fiction! I’ve been focusing on consistency of production, recently, over absolute wordcount. And I think it’s working, actually. I’ve been focusing on getting a manuscript page per day as a minimum, and after a week, I sat down and ripped out three pages in roughly half an hour. Which was fun and exciting, and I haven’t done that in a while. Anyway, enjoy. Read more

Up and Out

Happy Tuesday to all you fine sophonts! After the Snowmageddon of last week (seriously, two full snow days, and two 2-hour delays), and then – and then!! – a blasted holiday weekend, I’m finally getting into restoring my poor, shattered and tattered routines. On the upside, I’m managing to get traction toward a renewed work-out regimen, which travel and holiday shenanigans mostly put paid to. So that’s a goodness. Meanwhile, on to the fiction! In which our hero overcomes challenges, only to be faced with an untenable situation… Read more

Hard Lessons

Peoples of the Future! I write to you from the distant past! Some of you will be reading this year(s?) in the future (like, maybe, almost 24 hours after I post it *cough*). I can only imagine the wonders your eyes have seen. The advances humanity has made in that time. The jokes, the memes, the pop cultural references of which I cannot even conceive. I envy you, future peoples.
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We’ve traveled. It’s dryer, here, and my body isn’t quite sure what to make of it. It seems to have decided to complain, so my sinuses are actually worse than at home (though that could easily be the result of the travel itself, and having to interact at close quarters with the filthy mass of humanity: always my favorite) and I’ve spent many an odd moment irrigating them. While creation at large seems to be irritating them. Which in turn vexes me. It’s an uncomfortable, and often unpleasant cycle. But that’s not why you’re here!
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