Chernobyl, Episode 1: The Modern Disaster Epic

Anyone who was alive and paying attention in the 1970s remembers the rise of the disaster epic. Whether it was Airport or The Towering Inferno or The Poseidon Adventure, these spectacular ensemble melodramas roared through the American popular imagination. Almost all of them depended on smaller interpersonal conflicts to inform the larger, looming conflict which... Continue Reading →

Why read me when there are new books out?

The new Alternate History Anthology edited by James Young, Trouble in the Wind, has stories by current and MGC members Sarah Hoyt, Brad Torgersen, and Peter Grant... as well as S.M. Stirling, Kevin J Anderson, and David Weber! Long-time commentor J L Curtis (Old NFO) has finished the Grey Man series - contemporary westerns with... Continue Reading →

Wednesday’s double-barreled BOOK BOMB!

WEDNESDAY MORNING DOUBLE-BARREL BOOK BOMB! My friend and colleague Larry Correia has been kind enough to double-promote Tuesday's releases of A STAR WHEELED SKY and Dan Willis's IN PLAIN SIGHT. Please, please, please, share wide and far! Dan's noir urban fantasy is only 99 cents on Kindle right now. It's a steal! And there is... Continue Reading →

Book launch for A Star-Wheeled Sky

Amazon paperback. Amazon Kindle edition. Amazon audio book edition. Barnes & Noble paperback. Barnes & Noble Nook edition. FOR OVER A THOUSAND YEARS the Waywork has been both boon and bane: an alien interstellar highway system, which offers instantaneous travel between a closed network of stars. Within this bubble, the orphaned refugees of Earth—long... Continue Reading →

Trial by mob, the SJZ preference

I won't devote too much time to rehashing this past week's slanderous sabotaging of Larry Correia (at Origins) which bore an eerie similarity to the slanderous sabotaging of John Ringo (at ConCarolinas.) In each instance, it was a political hit job. And in each instance, there was no proof offered to substantiate the lies which... Continue Reading →

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