It’s Live!

Shadow of the Crescent is available as a Kindle ebook now. (Paperback version to follow in a few days. It always takes longer.) Twenty-seven years after the fall of Constantinople… Caterina, Countess of San Florian, keeps a book of important things she’s learned, from poison antidotes to cosmetic recipes, from charms for toothache to ways... Continue Reading →

Taking on hell with a fire-bucket

There are times when it is probably relatively sensible to back away. When the 'good idea' fairy is being their most helpful... Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), humans are not very good at that. Monkeys like myself, less so. This explains a great deal about the situations I frequently find myself in, as well as a... Continue Reading →


My run up to Christmas (which, as Barbs and I are on Ambo call, is going to be a low-profile day.) has been a quiet one. I am way behind on mince-pies. My kids are elsewhere for Christmas, and I'd rather the day was enjoyed to the full by those who are surrounded by family... Continue Reading →

Re-release me, let me go

I really always thought that was regrease me, let me glow... Today's prompt from wordpress was 'Who do you envy?' My thought at the moment would be people who don't have to play the waiting game for, it seems, everything going. I've never been much good at waiting, and it was always the trad author's... Continue Reading →

Up Tempo

As I'm probably the least musical person you can think of - despite numerous attempts to learn to play different instruments, the most fun of which was ukulele and weirdest was balalaika - I'm obviously not talking about accelerating a piece of music here. No, it's the publishing I'm talking about. I'm attempting to see... Continue Reading →

Accidental Horror

I've never set out to write horror. It's not a genre I read, nor do I want to read it, so when I have a reader inform me that I've written it.... I assure you, it's quite by accident. Nonetheless, life is sometimes horrifying. What I do set out to capture in a story is... Continue Reading →

Experimental Books

Sometimes you have to experiment a little. So that's what this is. Earlier this month I launched Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture, which is an art book, a coloring book, a design idea book... and it's got fairies. I had a lot of fun putting the project together, but ultimately? It's a very niche book,... Continue Reading →

I did a thing(s)

This morning, rather than having too few topics, I had too many. I'll start off with the second volume of the hunting anthologies. The Deer Shot Back launched a little rocky - the paperback version is still not live, more than 48 hours into the process - but the ebook is doing just fine as... Continue Reading →

Alma’s latest is out!

Valdher of the Wilds, Lady of the Forest Unwanted survivor, failure, Halwende cost his father money and should never have become heir. When Valdher chooses him as priest, no one is prepared for what follows, least of all Halwende. Sneelah of the Snows, Lady of the Ice Young in his power, Aglak Rothbard settles long-simmering... Continue Reading →


I'm vanilla. The real thing, not the artificial flavoring. I find it amusing that ordinary heterosexual monogamous relationships should be described thus. Hell's teeth, I couldn't care less what your personal private life is like, as long as you don't frighten the horses... or the salmon... or the children. But I have to be amused... Continue Reading →

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