What An Author Owes the Reader

Alma T. C. Boykin The short answer is "probably nothing, unless you've paid for the story and I need to e-mail/ship it." However, a lot of people, even those who will answer "nothing," believe in an understood contract with readers, especially those of us who are indie writers. Traditionally published writers are a little more... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Pause

While rereading a seasonal poem, I realized that it fits the pattern Karen pointed out last week with "Lady Diamond." It also fits what Sarah was taking about with the shadows, the quiet darkness, that casts the light and action into higher relief. "Then he said “Good night!” and with muffled oarSilently rowed to the... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Music

[Alma T. C. Boykin] Short version - if it happens, file off the serial numbers, and give credit. Think of musical story ideas as a sort of fan-fic. You can write them for fun, or as a training exercise, keep them for yourself, and there's no problem. Or you can file off the identifying marks,... Continue Reading →

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