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No One Right Way

In the open floor last week, a thread developed on how to tell if that idea you have is a story or a kumquat. There was discussion about how to develop the idea, writing, etc. I want to thank everyone who commented and talked about their process. One thing became clear reading the thread, everyone writes differently and that’s the important thing to remember. Too often, writers (especially new writers) feel like they’re doing something wrong because their process isn’t the same as others they talk with or study. So here is probably the most important rule you can ever learn in writing: quit worrying about how someone else creates and do what works for you. Read more

Road to Publication–A Few More Programs to Consider

This is going to be a fairly short post (for me). I’m still fighting the creeping crud and will be crawling back into bed one I finish this. I’ll try to get back later–if I’m feeling better–to add to the post.

Anyway, here are a few other programs to consider. Several of these are tools to help catch things your word processing program may have missed. Another can help you choose the best categories and keywords for your books. Read more

What Went Wrong?

Last night, I started making notes on the next couple of entries in the new Road to Publication series I’ve been doing. It dawned on me then that we talk a great deal about the process of writing, editing, formatting, etc., but we don’t talk a great deal about things that can go wrong with the process. Specifically, things that can go wrong once you upload your files to online marketplaces or distributors. I know there are those among us who have horror stories. I have my own. That is what I’m interested in.

In the comments, I’d like you to answer the following questions:

  1. What went wrong in the publication process? (Needs to be specific and it needs to be something you experienced. Please, no second-hand tales.)
  2. How did you discover there was a problem?
  3. What steps did you take to find a resolution to the problem?
  4. How long did it take and were you able to come to a satisfactory resolution?

Read more

Road to Publication – Creation and Conversion Programs

Last week, several of you asked about what programs I use to during the writing and converting process. So today, I’m going to list some of the programs I’ve used (or that writers I know have used). This is by no means an exhaustive list. Nor does it cover programs for cover creation, photo editing, etc.

Let me start out by saying that I mainly write and convert on a MacBook Air. Part of the reason for that is to keep work separate from gaming. When the MacBook Air comes out, it is time for business. It doesn’t matter if I am sitting in my office, in the family room or the local coffee shop. Because of that, I am more familiar with the Mac versions of certain programs. Read more

More on Formatting

Pam’s post last week made me remember this post (with a few updates) I put together a couple of years ago. Hope it helps.

I’ll start out by saying I’m lazy. When I start a new project, I set up the document so that I have to make minimal formatting changes when it comes to converting it for either print or digital formats. The only real change I have to make is in line spacing. When I write, I have line spacing set at 1.5 o 2 lines. When I convert to digital that gets changed to 1.15 line and print depends on several factors but it, too, is usually around 1.15. But more on that later. Read more

Once More Toward Publication

Last week, I answered some questions about how to get ready to release your book out into the wild. As I did, I realized it might be easier just to go through the process, pointing out things that work for me and things that don’t. Then I remembered this week was one of those weeks where time is in short supply. So I did what any procrastinator would do: I checked our archives to see what we have on the topic. Holy crap, even things written a year or so ago are out-of-date. So here’s the quick version. Read more

Questions and Answers

Last week, I asked if there were any questions you had about “getting a book ready to head out the door.” You folks were awesome with the number of suggestions and questions you raised. I’m not going to try to answer all of them today. There were enough to make several posts. But I will deal with at least a few of them. Here goes. . . . Read more