Challenge Accepted

So, my cover artist and I went to the range recently. On the way back, we found the time to tackle things even more difficult than shot placement and proper grip: cover art. She'd sent a mockup of what would be a great cover for someone else's book, and I had to think for a... Continue Reading →

Navigating MidJourney: V4

As the designated artist round these here parts (and isn't that a strange role for me to have fallen into. Also, proof that if you live long enough, you change profoundly) I've been playing with MidJourney for fun and profit for a few months now. Time flies. As does fruit if you propel it fast... Continue Reading →

Cover Art Tool: MidJourney

I had first heard about this particular AI art tool a few weeks ago, but I've been aware of the useful things AI can do for an artist for some time. I've dabbled in a few programs, looked closely at one in particular (which needs a much more powerful graphics card than even my gaming-level... Continue Reading →

Cover Up: It’s True

Today's how-to is a non-fiction book, so it really is true! My grandmother had been working on this book for some time, and it's part of my Grandpa Ron's life passion, so I'm honored to be helping. The criteria for this cover are very different than they would be for a novel. For one thing... Continue Reading →

Cover Up: Pick Two

Pick two. Only two. No more! You could go with only one, but really, two is best. I'm talking fonts again, in this ongoing series about laying out a book cover (you can find part one here). I'm assuming you've already selected art, and now we're getting into the nitty-gritty of choosing appropriate fonts. One... Continue Reading →

Cover Up: Part 1

It's been a while since I talked specifically about this topic, but it came up in private channels, and I've been talking with friend and fellow author Peter Grant about it, rather a lot. You see, Peter is gearing up to release a new book, he's gotten full rights back to the rest of that... Continue Reading →

Book Cover Design: People

Of plots, and characters, and book cover design. That's what I'm thinking about. Dorothy Grant and I were working on the cover for her latest, and she suggested I use our conversation as a springboard for a MGC post. I'm always excited when Dorothy comes to me for a cover - this is the third... Continue Reading →

Cover Art: Make it Painterly

Sometime this week, a friend pinged me with a question. I was at work, but promised I'd write up a tutorial later... Sorry, it's going to be even later. You see, the question was about Filter Forge, and using it to make photos look painterly, and therefore suitable for SFF cover art. It's a great... Continue Reading →

Cover Art: Compositing

This all started because I was very cheeky to a friend recently. Tom Rogneby writes wonderful stories, with a dry wit I really enjoy, so when I saw the cover for his upcoming Boogeyman book, I was both happy, and sad, all at once. It's complicated. I know the value a cover can give to... Continue Reading →

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