Slice of Something

Typical days in the House of Paulk go a bit like this: get up to get something from the kitchen. Locate whatever Westley has knocked on the floor this time and put it away. Go to the loo. Locate whatever Westley has knocked on the floor this time and put it away. Refill my water... Continue Reading →

If It Fits

Sometimes things just fit. I don't know how often I've chased around for the thingie that I need for something, sometimes leaving a marker to remind me to find that thingie and sometimes settling for something that's close but not quite right. It depends on whether what I'm doing can work with a nearly right... Continue Reading →

Anti Pseudo Intellectual

So I periodically get emails from Quora which tell me what's coming across my feed. The emails are about the only interaction I have with the site, except when one of the relatively rare interesting pieces catches my attention and I commit the horrible sin of clicking the link and get sucked in to one... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Week

Or at least what passes for one in this house. Let's see, we've had two work-related minor crises for me, one work-related minor crisis for The Husband. One "team building exercise" successfully avoided for The Husband. Frequent cases of the fuzzy air raid siren (otherwise known as Her Royal Highness Princess Buttercup) informing anyone within... Continue Reading →

Mangling The Spaces

Everyone here has done it: it's the natural thing to do when you read poetry - or anything sufficiently like poetry. You come to the end of the line, and you pause. In a lot of poetry, that's how it's supposed to work. Limericks would never have the impact they do (or be as memorable)... Continue Reading →

i aTEN’t dED

At least, not yet. Which is not to say it won't happen eventually, but I'd prefer that eventuality to be a long time in the future. Until that (hopefully) far off day, there is Granny Weatherwax-style headology, because every day I can remind myself that I aten't ded is a good day. After all, things... Continue Reading →

Tales Of The Ordinary

Let's face it, it's pretty much built in to human nature to check out anything that seems different. Be it a different look, a sound that's unfamiliar, or something that just seems a bit off, someone is going to go and check it out, and probably do something stupid in the process. It's why nobody... Continue Reading →

As You Don’T Know, Bob

The fanfic I've read lately has been a bit too heavy on the old "as you know, Bob" deal, and it started to irritate me. So, here's a few thoughts and examples on getting the information out without telling poor Bob all about something he already knows about. You all know the drill. Somewhere in... Continue Reading →

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