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In the Wake of the Day

So, after I went and splatted you all with my Day and all the associated giphy madness therein, I figured I ought to at least do you the courtesy of giving you an update.

I have received a genuwhine patch build of the misbehaving software, one that has not yet been made available to the shee… erm… general public. Said patch works. Precisely why this flaw was not uncovered prior to release is something I would prefer not to expound upon, simply because I don’t think the profanity filter is capable of handling that kind of outpouring.

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When You Have A Day

Or several. This is one of the “several” Days – so I’m going to describe it in a slightly different style than my usual snark. Not least because my usual snark would explode something.

Of course, it helps to remember that I test software for a living.

So… ready?

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True Difference

One of the things that annoys me about a particular type of book is how uniformly the characters think. They may have the desired external differences, but they don’t think differently – which means they also don’t react differently.

People aren’t like that.

Heck, siblings aren’t like that – I ought to know, since I’ve got four of them. Things that one sib will lash out at won’t even register to another. Even though we all got more or less the same upbringing, the combination of the preferences we got from being born (I was apparently a whiny baby, at least one of my sibs was a happy one, another was just fine until something passed the limits, then all heck broke loose… ) and the differences that came from different experiences as we grew up meant that the five of grew into very different people.

What I really don’t get is how some folk seem to think that a person born to and raised in a completely different culture is going to have the same ideals as someone born and raised here – when two siblings quite often end up with completely different beliefs. Read more

Blast From the Past: The Inadequacy of Silence

The latest round of de-personing and disinviting (yes, the same one I posted about a couple of weeks back) suggests that it would be a good idea to hammer the topic a bit more.

With that in mind, a blast from the past that covered something of the same ilk – although in that case, the injured party had the resources to turn the whole mess to his favor. Whether that will be the case for the most recent injured party is yet to be seen.

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Taanstafl and Other Abstractions

That there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch is something many of the regulars here would consider to be self evident, possibly at the level of the inalienable rights.

Those who believe that the world, or “government”, or “the man” – or any other vague entity which does not map directly to any specific individual have rather more difficulty understanding this. And since by failing to understand something so simple, they fail to understand the way existence itself works, you get really bad fiction from people who think they’re owed awards.

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There Are No Words

I would have loved to be able to rant about the stupidity of certain ideological literary types, the kind who think that disinviting someone from a guest of honor position because someone might get offended is perfectly acceptable, but sadly, my ability to produce a decent rant is horribly impaired by one simple problem.

These folks have plumbed depths of stupid so deep that to call them morons risks offending perfectly decent morons. If I called them flaming turds of stupid, that would be an insult to all the flaming turds out there – and let’s face it, flaming turds are capable of being useful.

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Blast From the Past: Ignorance, Expertise, and Asses

So I’ve got a release going out this morning (tomorrow as of when I write this, but I’ll be deep in deployment activity when this post goes live) so to spare myself, it’s a blast from the past that remains utterly true now.

Expertise in one area does not transfer to any other area. Just because you’re a world-renowned something does not automagically make you an expert in something else. It’s like expecting a rodeo rider to be a really good cook. The two skillsets aren’t mutually exclusive, but they sure as hell don’t come as a package deal, either.

That said, welcome to a several-years-old post about how expertise in one area and ignorance in another can make asses out of all of us. Read more