ConSensual is here

Kate asked me to fill in for her today because she is having one of those weeks at work where she is never quite sure when she will get home or what state her brain will be in when she does. So, I get the pleasure of letting everyone know that ConSensual, the second book... Continue Reading →

Be on the look out!

A strange looking raccoon wearing a kilt and matching tartan jester hat saunters in and draws back a curtain showing a female writer working feverishly at a laptop, sweat flying off of her in an almost cartoonish fashion. Sitting next to her holding a cattle prod and pistol is an irritated looking editorial demon. It... Continue Reading →

Framing your characters

"It's not what you say, it's how you say it" "The frame is as important as the picture" You've all heard things like this, but have you actually stopped to think about what they mean? Don't worry if you haven't: human nature keeps things like this comfortably in the background until you get smacked with... Continue Reading →

Capclave Sheepies

It's off to Capclave tomorrow, with the usual levels of nervous (no, it's not "performance anxiety"). Like most author types I'm terminally shy and would much rather hide in a corner. So I put on my warpaint and my not-exactly-demon-wear (I have some taste. Demons have none) and present a false front to the world... Continue Reading →

After the novel’s over

by Kate Paulk So, I wrapped up the first draft of ConSensual today. It's the sequel to ConVent - which is one first, as this is the first time I've written a novel as a sequel. It's also going to need rather more editing than many of my drafts, partly because I wrote the first... Continue Reading →

The Week That Was

Kate Paulk Life is weird. I'm not sure which Heinlein book contains the comment that life is not only stranger than we imagine, it's stranger than we can imagine, but whichever one it was didn't intersect with my version of reality. I sympathize with whoever decided that "may you live in interesting times" had to... Continue Reading →

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