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How Not To Market, by Alma Boykin (reprise)

At LibertyCon, Alma Boykin cheerfully referred to herself as the horrible warning, and the great example of what marketing mistakes not to make. Afterward, Peter got thanked by an audience member for all of us being open, honest, and forthcoming about mistakes… but could they hear more on that?

So, sure! Some of you will have seen this before, some of you may have missed it the first time, and some of you weren’t reading the site yet. You’ll note that now we’ve dragged Alma into posting here, for a broader social media presence. (Muahahahahaha!) Read more

With a little help from my friends…

Let me cheerfully destroy an illusion for you: I’m not a super guru of blurbs. I just write more of them than the average writer, so with slightly more practice, I have gotten slightly better skills. (for values of… I think I’ve written around 40? that are on books on sale, not counting practice blurbs on books that are already published, or blurbs that were written as examples and authors then used the example to craft something else for their own.)

But there are times I write real stinkers, too. And there are times like yesterday afternoon, when I am still completely exhausted from cleaning the house and Day Job, on top of the exhaustion from LibertyCon, on top of the exhaustion and pain of the months of dental medical adventures, when it’s time to give up and ask for help. Read more

Owning your success

The last thing I told you was to take it easy on yourself. Now, I’m going to tell you to do something that’ll come hard to a lot of you: Own your Success. Read more

Be kind to yourself

We all have our hopes, dreams, and plans and timetables. They don’t always work out. Illness and injury – not just on your end, but your editor or cover designer or family member – can easily derail said plans. Single-parenting can do so when the spouse is too ill or gone on work assignment. Life happens!

Take it easy on yourself.

Read more

Still Nervous

So, I wrote this thing?

Do any of the rest of you get that occasional moment of wonder that people – perfect strangers – are reading your story? Read more

When things don’t go as planned

There was supposed to be a post this morning. Instead, my darling husband was taking me off to the chiropractor, who took one look at me limping in and said, “Put your back out again?”

Oops. I’ll be better soon. Read more

Cover caveats

The moment has arrived; your book is ready for its debutante ball. But no matter how finely honed its grace and manners, formatting and prose, it still needs to be dressed in an eye-catching cover that lets the readers of the world know exactly what genre and subgenre she is, and what promises are being made that will be revealed if they can take her home…

And if you’re like me, you’re not an artist. (Really; I just feed them.) So you have to get someone else to do that. Read more