What is the one thing you would change about yourself? For some reason wordpress thought that was the question I ought to address today. The answer, for all of us, is simple. Underwear. If you're going to spend 4 days at a sf Con, T-shirts too, at least, please! As a personal change I would... Continue Reading →

Moralizing tales

I was in the course of doing research for the latest WIP doing some research on the moralizing tales of Miss Maria Edgeworth. Who? I hear you say. As indeed you might: this once enormously successful authoress (as she styled herself) of the early 19th century has vanished from our ken. Even from our barbie... Continue Reading →


As a monkey, the idea of a trickster and mischief-maker, who none-the-less is the champion of mankind, stealing fire from the gods for them, has always been something of a beau ideal and role model for me. I am not very large or powerful, and my only tool is ingenuity against various gods. While I... Continue Reading →

The Stories that Guide Us

[--- Karen Myers ---] We humans are a talking breed. Language and story are inextricably mixed, and it seems clear that the stories we tell eachother around the campfire—the narratives of our lives and imagination—are what define us as moral and ethical beings. Life provides us with various types of existing narratives. There are the... Continue Reading →


Like a toilet, shelter is one those things you really don't much notice... until you don't have it, and need it. It's turning into a huge issue in Australia - and probably in the US too? I don't know as much about that as I should. Australia has a situation where government and local government... Continue Reading →

Roll models

Those are the rotund ones. And yes, they're in shape. Round is a shape. And they roll better. Some author was burbling on about the need for strong female kick-ass heroines to be role models to young women. Said individual was very proud of writing them. Now, I did battle through one of her books.... Continue Reading →

Ends Well

“The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together: our virtues would be proud, if our faults whipped them not; and our crimes would despair, if they were not cherished by our virtues.”Wm Shakespeare (All's Well that Ends Well) A story in seek of an ending must be looking for... Continue Reading →

State Supported Artists…

The image of the starving artist/writer/musician in the garret has existed for a long, long time. So has the fact, in many cases. In many cases, too, at the same time as producing books or art or music that endured and is loved by millions. In sf, H Beam Piper springs to mind, but the... Continue Reading →

Why climb that mountain?

It's dusk, and all I can see is tattered, shredded dark clouds against the last dusty orange-pink of a sky paling into purple blackness, with the flat line of a dark sea and the silhouette of dark cape thrusting out into it, with a solitary point of light near the end of it. Working, as... Continue Reading →

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