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My suspension of disbelief just went *sproing*

Cedar posted a request a few weeks ago for more books that fit in “tactical romance”. I happily pounced upon the several places on social media this was shared, anticipating a big thick To Be Read pile I could plow through.

Turns out a good chunk of them I’d already read. So I compiled a list of the rest, and started in on KU and samples.

I’m not going to pick on the particular author by name – and goodness knows she has lots more reviews and sales than me, so she’s doing something very right for her audience, but… Read more

A Bonfire of Vanities

As we seem to be caught up in a bonfire of vanities (in Savonarola sense rather than the Tom Wolfe novel) where anything that might lead people to ‘sin’ (in the eyes of the modern fanatic, of the new ‘religion’) must be destroyed, I’m wondering how long before they come for books, and the authors. The authors who are part of the Woke cult are already much under its sway, but that’s because the esteem of their co-religionists is so important to them, and to be ostracized from the cult is worst of possible of possible punishments. This is why ‘Requires Hate’ and her little coterie of nasty camp-followers and disciples – an irrelevant group with no influence outside their little circle of fellow believers, were able to wreck careers and lives… inside their circle. They tried on those outside… and found their accusations and demands laughed at by people who placed no value on their or their cult’s regard. So they used their power where they were powerful. Read more

Keep Haulin’

Keep haulin’, keep haulin,  

Whatever your storm or your rocks may be,

Keep haulin’ boys.  Keep hauling Fishermen’s Friends

I see some of the staff at Hachette have demanded that JK Rowlings’s fairy story, THE ICHABOG, be cancelled. Not because anything is wrong with the story, but that Rowlings dared express an insufficiently woke opinion about ‘trans-people’ in an entirely separate context. They have threatened to quit otherwise. They’re plainly so woke their privilege checks them. Well, I give them the same advice I give to myself and other writers: keep hauling. If it’s what you truly believe in, give it your best and stick to it. Read more

It Wouldn’t Fly In Fiction

No one would believe it if I wrote it into one of my novels. That’s what I find myself saying more and more these days. From the shutdown over Covid-19 to Hollywood stars actually believing they are smart enough and politically savvy enough to tell us how we should live, real life is something even fiction would disavow. So what is a novelist to do? Read more

Don’t take the bait

I’m just a big wolf. Stupid, brutish and vicious,” said Rolf. “There’s nothing to understand.”

“I thought you were,” admitted Liss. “But I’ve changed my mind.”

“Women do that all the time,” said Rolf dismissively.

“And it’s no use baiting me. I’ve got that figured too now. You do it every time I ask questions you don’t want to answer.”

Rolf grinned. “Yes, but most people don’t notice. They’re too busy taking the bait.” (HOW MUCH FOR JUST THE CRAZY UNCLE – current WIP) Read more

Bad Brain Day

I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna, and you can’t make me. Seriously, I’m barely managing to keep my own head above water. I have to set the kids in front of the screen to get time to write. Which happens once a week, pretty much. I’m tired of it, but there’s no relief in sight. Fortunately (heh, heh) Mrs. Dave will be going back on a normal schedule next week. Fortunately. Yeah. Sure.
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Creativity in the Time of Shutdown

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being told to stay home, stay distant, stay safe. No, this isn’t a political rant, at least not too much of one. After all, I’m basically anti-social and prefer not being out in crowds. But I’m also contrary. Tell me I can’t do something and, by golly, that is exactly what I want to do. This time of Covid-19 is no different. So, instead of running through the neighborhood screaming like an insane person, I’ve put my energy to work doing things around the house I’ve been putting off for far too long and, in doing so, realized this was exactly what was needed to jumpstart the creative juices. Read more

Shaman of Karres out tomorrow

SHAMAN OF KARRES comes out tomorrow, so of course there’s a huge launch party, with loads of champagne and plates of nibbles and me doing signings at a sequence of book-stores and various publications doing reviews and interviews, and the publicity machine running hot and fast, making sure anyone who might like it, knows about it. I don’t have time to write posts for MGC…

Oh. Wait…

In the real world, if I didn’t look it up on Amazon, I wouldn’t know when it came out.  Anyway, SHAMAN is good fun space opera, bound to cheer you up if life is being a misery. Read more

Reviewing JL Curtis’s Rimworld series

Amongst the multifaceted variety of challenges authors face, there is the tendency to get lost in the weeds. This can happen to anybody. Ever met somebody who is a fan of dragons? Their work will be replete with dragons. In every form possible. This tunnel vision can quickly grow wearisome. Picking up JL Curtis’s Rimworld books, I was slightly wary of winding up stuck in the weeds of naval aviation. Thankfully, that never happened.  

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Tab clearing

You know what they say about writer’s browser history… Read more