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David Langford warns: 7 November 2021 Today I discovered something I'd have kept back for Ansible if not for the December deadline involved. The National Library of New Zealand quietly announced in July that it's giving a huge tranche of discarded books from its overseas collection to the Internet Archive, which will digitize them all... Continue Reading →

Paper or Screen? Musings and conundrums

This week brought news of a major publishing sale - and a reason for it that at first seemed odd to me. Publishing giant News Corp. is buying Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s consumer books division for $349 million as demand for printed reading material skyrockets. Houghton Mifflin’s HMH Books & Media book division — publisher of... Continue Reading →

The ebookbike Lawsuit is Over

This is a guest post by John van Stry on his precedent-setting lawsuit against a book pirate. His trail-blazing legal battle was costly, but ultimately won what he wanted: a legal recognition of the harm done by book pirates. From this point forward it will be simpler and less costly for authors to protect their... Continue Reading →

Copyright Links Post

As promised, this is a link-post. I can guarantee that the links all worked, as of yesterday. However, not all of them go to equally usable sites. Some are more general IP, others are specific. I tried to avoid any that are so specific that you might not need them (i.e. things along the lines... Continue Reading →

Publisher Bites Author

From over at PG's place, the dreadful tale of a publisher-relationship that went badly wrong for the writer. Short version - he got stiffed and was not paid what he was owed. Dan Rhodes got curious about why one book wasn't earning anything. Here's the first part of the story, and the publisher's explanation: it... Continue Reading →

But I Pay all my Bills on Time!

Yes, but what happens when your publisher doesn't? Medallion Press has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That means it is going away, never to be seen again. What about the publishing rights of the authors currently under contract? Read the Passive Guy's comments and discussion. Short version - they are gone to whoever buys Medallion's... Continue Reading →

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