Why boys don’t read enough

I find myself wanting to offer my congratulations to the writer of this piece in Atlantic – although I think they’d be as welcome as a pork chop at a Jewish wedding feast. ‘Boys don’t read enough’. For a start, I can think of few articles which so wonderfully epitomized the term ‘Atlantic’ – because... Continue Reading →

The tentacled one meets dr seuss

Earlier this week, I was amused to find that H. P. Lovecraft's horror short story "The Call of Cthulhu" had been rendered in cartoon form, copying the style of Dr. Seuss, by an enterprising artist.  An article at Gizmodo discussed the project.  Here are a couple of sample pages.       The book is... Continue Reading →

Inktail, Too

*peers at readers through screen* Sorry, for two things. One: I know the majority of you are not here for children's books, coloring books, or the illustrations. Two: I can't have coffee. I'm apologizing more for the second than the first. I'm not sure how I feel about it, yet. But I'd been having weird... Continue Reading →

The Rising Tide

I had one of those interesting days today, at least, in the ancient Chinese curse sense. In part, anyway. It’s the start of national book week here in Oz, and, I may be trifle biased but a love of reading is greatest gift we can give to children, to the future. Now, for me, crowds... Continue Reading →

And another one bites the dust

Figuratively speaking at least. It seems the "right thinking" folks on social media have targeted yet another YA author. Kosoko Jackson has chosen to withdraw his novel after facing "backlash for centering a story about the Kosovo War around two non-Muslim Americans." Some early reviews heralded the book for telling a YA love story about... Continue Reading →

Pretend Story

Wee Dave and Wee-er Dave love stories. I’ve found the Junior Partner sitting quietly by herself “reading” a book any number of times in the last several weeks, her Number One Buddy is constantly making up backgrounds for the creations he build. And I can hold them both rapt for easily an hour just by... Continue Reading →

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