It has been quite some time since I have felt the need to rip apart someone else's blog post. Well, except when it comes to politics. Usually, I can step away from a blog I don't agree with, telling myself that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, yesterday my attention was... Continue Reading →

I want to be evil too

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, our very own Kate stirred up more than a tempest in a B-cup with her post last Thursday. The glitter has been flying and outrage has been levelled. She and Sarah have been called two of the most evil persons ever, beating out... Continue Reading →

ConSensual is here

Kate asked me to fill in for her today because she is having one of those weeks at work where she is never quite sure when she will get home or what state her brain will be in when she does. So, I get the pleasure of letting everyone know that ConSensual, the second book... Continue Reading →

Be on the look out!

A strange looking raccoon wearing a kilt and matching tartan jester hat saunters in and draws back a curtain showing a female writer working feverishly at a laptop, sweat flying off of her in an almost cartoonish fashion. Sitting next to her holding a cattle prod and pistol is an irritated looking editorial demon. It... Continue Reading →

What to write about?

by Amanda S. Green That's the question that's been staring me in the face not just this morning as I try to figure out what to blog.  I've been up to my eyes trying to finish the rewrite and edits on Nocturnal Serenade so I can get them to my editor as well as doing... Continue Reading →

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