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It’s been an interesting weekend, and it’s not over yet. Which is why you won’t get part 2 of committing anthology until next week.

I’m at FenCon in Irving, TX. About two hours away from home, so not a bad drive at all for me. I’ve been joking without much irony at all that it feels a lot like LibertyCon came to TX for the weekend. I’ve been seeing old friends all weekend, and it’s delightful. The North Texas Troublemakers booth has been hopping, not that I’ve spent much time there. The booth boys – my son, and another author’s son about the same age, have been managing it ably. Which is very awesome to watch, honestly.

I’ll be doing a full AAR on my blog in the next day or so. I don’t have the time this morning, I’m going to be in panels up until time to leave, and have to be home at a decent hour to get some modicum of rest before early work not only for me, but the kid running the booth. Before panels I’ll be doing a little lesson in how-to wear hairsticks with dangles for a young friend, and in between times will be happily socializing and possibly grabbing a bit to eat.

The comms this weekend have been a little strange. Per usual, the wifi in the dealer’s room is non-existent. Since the point-of-sale is an ipad, this presented a possible hitch, which I solved by using my mobile hotspot to get stable data connection. And then running all over the con (and out for a meal!) without my phone. It’s been a little weird, to be frank. I’m used to it being my constant companion for looking stuff up, being able to talk to my son, or my husband who is stuck at home with the dog and cat, or many many other things. To include dropping money in the son’s account to cover him when he takes a friend out for dinner. Obviously, not that long ago I wouldn’t have been using the phone… but that’s been well over a decade. The dependence is real!

The only writing I’ve managed this weekend has been this blog post. Which is fine. I’ve been doing other things, like plotting out a paired set of short stories for the Malta anthology with Regan Smith, and being pitched anthology ideas, and setting up a working relationship with a friend who likes wrangling cat… er, authors, and wants to help me be able to do more anthologies. Business has been brisk, and I’m happy. It feels like this con was a level-up moment.

Hopefully I’ll be able to hold onto this happy feeling through the next few days of recharging, since I know from past experience my batteries are low and the week after the con is going to be catching up on sleep lost while digesting the mental flow of information I’ve been absorbing… and I still have panels to be on! Today isn’t over yet!

So if I don’t respond to comments right away, I’ll be back soon. Just don’t have my magic font of the world’s information at my fingertips until the dealing is done.

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    1. Cedar (and I) have what we jokingly call “hair-stabbies” from Bjorn Bladeworks. They are a little wider and flatter than most hair sticks, and if you add little charms, the balance can be a bit off, especially if you don’t have lots of thick hair like I do.

  1. FenCon was good. I went as a participant, not panelist, since I didn’t know my final schedule. The panels were very good, at least those I attended, and the dealer room and art rooms seemed to be doing well whenever I wandered through.

  2. I do wish I’d been there. Given the way I’m feeling today, it was much wiser for me not to have tried, but that doesn’t stop the wistful feeling. Glad you had a good time!

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