Out of Communications

It’s been an interesting weekend, and it’s not over yet. Which is why you won’t get part 2 of committing anthology until next week. I’m at FenCon in Irving, TX. About two hours away from home, so not a bad drive at all for me. I’ve been joking without much irony at all that it... Continue Reading →


This seems to be the theme of my life right now. I’m currently sitting in Mom’s Family Diner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Four hours from home, but I have my husband sleepily sipping coffee across from me, I have my iPad and bluetooth keyboard, and hotspot internet streaming from my phone to the iPad. Through the... Continue Reading →

Additional Classes

LTUE - Life, The Universe, & Everything - is a symposium in Utah every February by writers for writers. Unlike Comic Cons where panels are likely to on costuming, and literary cons where the panels are by authors for readers, LTUE panels cover things like "writing action" and "balancing the books", and "boring beginnings" and... Continue Reading →

Reading Through Con Crud

I don't wind up with con crud after every con, but it seems like it sometimes. The First Reader, on the other hand, has had it once. The current theory is that some people are most susceptible to it, like me. It could also be because I'm a hugger and he isn't. For whatever reason,... Continue Reading →

Matters of Perspective

I'm peeved. The latest SFWA shitstorm (which appears to be at least in part a continuation of the previous shitstorm - it's become rather more difficult to distinguish them since SFWA decided they needed to produce more shitstorms in a shorter time period to keep their members happy. At least I think that's the argument)... Continue Reading →

Ravencon Schedule

Tomorrow I head south for Ravencon, where I will be a very busy Kate. Here's the schedule for those who are considering being in the area: Friday 4:00 pm Building Suspense Friday 5:00 pm Brilliant But Cancelled (m) Friday 8:00 pm Dealers' Room Signing Saturday 11:00 am Amazon vs Independent Publishers Group Saturday 7:00 pm... Continue Reading →

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