Out of Communications

It’s been an interesting weekend, and it’s not over yet. Which is why you won’t get part 2 of committing anthology until next week. I’m at FenCon in Irving, TX. About two hours away from home, so not a bad drive at all for me. I’ve been joking without much irony at all that it... Continue Reading →


I will be at FenCon this year, September 16-18 2022, in Irving Texas. Very much looking forward to it. I recommend it to anyone who'll be in range. I've got a booth, along with the rest of the North Texas Troublemakers, and we'll be selling books and other merch. Come by and say Hi! I... Continue Reading →

FenCon 2021

First off my thanks to Karl Gallagher and Todd Caldwell. You know what you did. For the readers of this blog, if you haven't read any of Karl's work, I highly recommend it, and also, aren't his covers lovely? This is going to be a bit of an AAR for the con, and a bit... Continue Reading →

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