Out of Communications

It’s been an interesting weekend, and it’s not over yet. Which is why you won’t get part 2 of committing anthology until next week. I’m at FenCon in Irving, TX. About two hours away from home, so not a bad drive at all for me. I’ve been joking without much irony at all that it... Continue Reading →

Ad Infinitum

We, who choose to stick words together and call them stories, know that there's no end to them. Days where you can't find any words, sure. But they never go away entirely. That's why they call us writers. If we could make the words go away - and trust me when I say most of... Continue Reading →

FenCon 2021

First off my thanks to Karl Gallagher and Todd Caldwell. You know what you did. For the readers of this blog, if you haven't read any of Karl's work, I highly recommend it, and also, aren't his covers lovely? This is going to be a bit of an AAR for the con, and a bit... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Open a Small Business

How do I start a small business? I’ve been asked that a couple of times recently, and my flippant answer is ‘you just do.’ And in some ways, it’s that easy. In others... Look. I can only give you loose guidelines, because opening and running a business is going to be different in every country,... Continue Reading →

Happily Ever After the End

I wasn't sure what to talk about this week, and then I was, and then I thought someone else said it so well, how could I possibly do better? Then I got into a conversation privately with another writer who has, through no real fault of their own, wound up in a tight spot. And... Continue Reading →

Treat it like a business

As I was looking for potential topics for today's post, I came across one of Kris Rusch's posts and knew I had everything I needed right there. In fact, I considered e-mailing Kris and asking permission to simply repost the blog entry here. I consider what she said in Business Musings: Introductory Remarks (Dealbreakers/Contracts) to... Continue Reading →

No Business Like Writing Business

Sarah is away from computer today, so we're being helpful Mad Geniuses and posting this for her. Hopefully there isn't a rain of carp in our future. Although with carp, I could make a few recipes... Anyway, she did put this up at According to Hoyt, but we thought it was good enough she should... Continue Reading →

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