Well, lucked out till halfway through September, but it looks like it’s my turn for a tropical storm. So I’m scheduling this ahead, in case of power outages.

And it’s definitely a distraction, checking the National Weather Service for updates. Or is that an excuse? Who knows?

But I ran to the store yesterday for a few last things (hate running out of bread when it’s not a good idea to drive anywhere. We’ll police the yard for things we don’t want the wind to pick up and throw through a window, and hunker down for a day.

Our house has never flooded, although I’ll admit to a few worrisome times.

Which is sometimes good story fodder. Both for having experienced the emotions, have stood watch all night in case of tornado warnings or damage that needed to be addressed quickly.

And seeing things that somehow I hadn’t realized. That when a river floods, before it tops the banks it backs up all the streams . . . and then the drainage ditches. Let me think . . . we’ve lived here thirty six years now and three times the ditches along the street in front of the house have run backwards, topped their banks and started spreading out and inching toward the house.

So I know that the Brazos River floods only have to to be another foot higher for the house to suffer. But I’ve got to say that if Hurricane Harvey couldn’t do it, Tropical Storm Nicholas is unlikely to be a threat.

None-the-less we prep for it.

All the while hoping we don’t have another valuable learning experience.

Yeah, we writers never let an opportunity to gather first hand information pass without noting that it’s useful, however unpleasant.

It’s a wonder normal people want anything to do with us.

And, if you need something to read, this is my latest, which I swear I will get out in print RSN.

14 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. We have a typhoon hitting Japan now too (typhoon Chanthu apparently, though Japan just gives them numbers and thiis is #14). Weird storm. went north towards China, stalled for 2-3 days just off the Chinese coast and is now heading more or less due east.

    But yes floods fill the tributaries too and/or (depending on the flood controls) the tributaries are blocked from draining into the main river and back up themselves instead. As long as you are away from the main river being ever so slightly higher makes all the difference because if the flood plain is several acres, an acre foot of water is going to be just a few inches on average.

    Good luck.

    Oh and impatiently awaiting the book after Igor…..

  2. A thought on indirect marketing:

    Tvtropes.org is a massive time suck for those who love stories. You go in looking for one thing, and you’re off on a wiki-walk, only to surface hours (days? weeks?) later.
    So I generally avoid the temptation of visiting, and I figure that many of you do the same.

    But the thing is, I’ve actually bought quite a few books that I encountered there, and that I would never have otherwise heard of.

    I would encourage everyone to at least have an author page, with an updated list of books (grouped by series), and a page for each series. If a trope is in your blurb (or in your title!) consider putting an entry on that page directing people to your series.

  3. Ah, distractions, how I hate thee…

    They’re saying that we might actually have rain this weekend. A state of affairs that I will believe when I see…and I suspect that it won’t so much be rain as a biblical deluge. Or a completely wet fart that does nothing but leaves us wondering what happens next.

    Or both at the same time. Both are possible.

  4. Under flash flood watch here. So much rain from Nicholas, sheesh.

    And yes. We use anything for story fodder. If regular people understood that better, they’d think we were ever crazier than we are!

    1. As long as you pay attention.

      Too many people don’t and then write floods that don’t match reality when they have seen floods. . .

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