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You’ve Got To Give A Little

So I can imagine you guys looking at last week’s post and going “okay, so the second one when you were awake is sort of acceptable, but it’s still a lot of work, and what if we don’t have your familiarity with a graphics program?”

Well, fear not.  Or at least don’t fear a lot.  There’s still options for free or for money (for money if you want something more specific.)  And we’re not talking hundreds of dollars.  More like $15.  Yeah, I know that’s sometimes too much. Which is why I started out doing this, for friends who wanted to try indie but hadn’t even that. Read more

Resources for Covers

For reasons known only to the psychiatrist I don’t have, I decided to do a seminar on covers. You can find the first post here, and the second here.

Today we’re going to cover one of the topics that stop most people: where do I find the art?

I’ve seen covers made with pictures the author took or drew which are often stunningly inappropriate to the genre and book. And I’ve heard people say that they’d have to pay two thousand dollars for covers.  This is ridiculous.  There are many, many sources of free and cheap images on line. Read more

Covering Genre

So, last week we talked about what the function of a cover is and what it is not.
To summarize: what it is not is an accurate representation of your book.  Sure, it sort of kind of represents the contents, but the scene on the cover doesn’t need to be a scene that appears in the book. Nor does the character need to look like your character. Because before they read it, nobody cares, and after they read it, what matters is how good your book is.

Your cover is basically a billboard to sell your book.

So what does matter about your cover?  Well, signaling genre does. Read more

It’s a Cover Up I

Most indie authors have rolled, with relative ease, into hiring content editors and even copyeditors, (just don’t put either under “editor” on amazon. That editor tag on Amazon is for anthologies. You also shouldn’t put your cover artist under “illustrator.” Before I figured out that clueless authors were doing that, I passed up a bunch of books because I thought “An illustrated hard boiled mystery? Too weird for words.” That tag is there for actual illustrated books.)  or figuring our how to swap with other indies for these services (which amounts to hiring) or other more creative arrangements.

One stumbling block remains in most writers’ publication schedule: covers. Read more


Last week, my friend Brad Torgersen had a post saying “the purpose of workshops is to make it possible for you to walk away from workshops.”

I’m going to disagree with him, at least a little bit. Read more

Who Moved The Tuesday

Look, i swear I thought today was Tuesday.  I got up, thought “I need to do a post for MGC” then thought “Nah, no sweat, it’s Tuesday.”  I have no explanation for this except for being weird.

Writing a post now.  In the meantime shoot me suggestion on what you’d like me to write about.

Fighting Like Girls

Sit back and take a deep breath, people, because I’m going to say something that once got me branded various kinds of nasty and which is very controversial.

Are you ready?  Take a deep breath.

Men and women are different.  They’re different beyond the fun vive la difference. They’re different in the head, different in how they react to things. Hormones shape them from the womb, shape them even more so after puberty.

And they’re particularly different in aggregate, which is to say in groups. Read more