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Getting Back Together

Once upon a time . . . I wrote big complex novels with multiple POV’s and groups of characters going off in different directions and doing all sorts of interesting things, before they came back together for the final battle.

Now I seem to be writing shorter works with fewer detours and side threads.

Oh, I know why I started writing short. Read more

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


I like a good ellipsis . . . but perhaps a 167 of them in a work that is (so far) sixteen thousand words long is a bit much . . .

And then there’s commas, 759.
Periods. 1315.
Semicolons; 2? Only Two?
Em dash—26.
Paragraphs. 708.
Double paragraphs for blank line. 36.
Scene breaks *** 12.
Chapters. 10.

Without these little nuisances all our beautiful words would just run together into an unintelligible wall of words. We need breaks, but where do you put them? Read more

Formatting for Beginning Indie Author-Publishers

I’ve been noticing a few posts from writers just starting to test the waters of Indie publishing. They seem to fall into one of two categories. They are either convinced that they can’t do anything except the writing, and need to pay people to do all the rest, or they are being barraged with replies telling them to get their manuscripts professionally edited. Read more

Cover Ready!

And getting the pre-order set up. Hopefully to go live on Tuesday.


Fleeing the aftermath of heroism, Eldon Denison skids into a new Parallel Earth, into a cute chick’s car, and right into new trouble. In Hollywood. A multidimensional fugitive certainly can land in some interesting places!


No Brainer

When the brain just isn’t up to it, and the words don’t come at all, let alone flow . . . you have to do something about it.
Which involves a certain amount of belly button gazing, right when you’re least able to do it. Because first you have to figure out why.

So, let’s check the usual suspects . . . getting enough sleep, eating right . . .

OK, OK, we know them all and what to do. You’re just . . . tired of this . . . stuff.

Well, why don’t you take a mental vacation?

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Free Book!

Cross dimensional espionage, as a team from a world with magic infiltrates to learn more about the not-very-parallel world that has attacked them, and is now planning on an all-out war.

Empire of the One

Endi stepped through the gate and took his first deep breath of the air of an industrial city. Petrol exhaust, ozone, dust, rubber, wharfs, brain-fried staggering drunks . . .

“See, tol ya it was Aliens beaming down to eat our brains. But did you run? Noooooo . . . ” the man, bald on top with the faded remains of grey hair straggling greasily down to his shoulders paused in puzzlement, possibly with the realization that he hadn’t run either.

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Why We Need Fantasy

Why you can’t keep humans in a box, and we can’t be conditioned to live in Utopia. M.C. Tuggle’s put a finger on the cause.

Why we need fantasy