Time Travelers Contact Department U . . .

Call it a writing prompt--nothing to do with being clueless about what to write--honest! Time Travel Now, how many nations do you think have a special department all fixed up and waiting for the arrival of someone from the future? And what would this (hopefully, really, really boring) department do? Let's see. Surely the US... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Frau Lindemann

Sometimes it takes a while to recognize a blessing. In fact, sometimes it takes 60 years to realize the full extent of it. Look, I already knew my high school German teacher was a blessing, even if she disapproved of me personally. Without Frau Lindemann the school wouldn't have offered German at all, and without... Continue Reading →


Details Worlds and characters . . . They all need details to make them real to the readers. And the fun part is when they serve a dual purpose with foreshadowing. I just reread John Ringo and Lydia Sherrer’s _Into The Real_, this time with a little more analysis than the first read. And there... Continue Reading →

Pecking Away

Just Pecking Away At  (1) the third Murder Mystery in the Fall of the Alliance series and (2) the conclusion of this sidetrack into the Bad Guy’s part of the Multiverse. Except, maybe a collection of shorter works . . . I don’t know whether to ignore the Real World and get some work done,... Continue Reading →

A Rainbow

My laptop has this pretty feature. I didn't buy it for this, it wasn't even a factor in the decision making, but still, this morning I'm sitting here watching the waves of color wash around behind the keys, and contemplating why I named this computer Iris. It's not just the fancy backlighting being a rainbow... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Duty

As I was peeling potatoes this morning, I cut myself. As you do. I managed not to drip on the food, and to find a bandaid in the dark (everyone is sleeping), contemplated why I don't have a first aid kit in the kitchen (knives are in the kitchen, why not bandages?), and finished my... Continue Reading →

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