Monday Morning

and it’s the day after a con. For Dave, it’s Conclave Two. He’s posted over at Coal-Fired Cuttlefish that he is having to borrow access and a computer. So that may be why we haven’t heard from him this morning. Either that or his “con-fusion” is like mine usually is the day after a con and he’s forgotten it’s Monday 😉 Either way, here’s hoping he had a great con — and a productive one too.

In the meantime, here are some links of interest, especially if you are following what has now been coined Hugo-gate.

The first is from John C. Wright. He has posted his resignation from SFWA and he hits the nail on the proverbial head.

The second is a wonderful post from Brad Torgersen. One of the cries coming from the other side is that we should shun Vox Day and anyone who dares not to condemn him. Brad’s take on this is a wonderful and thought provoking.

Finally, USA Today has picked up the story, thanks to Glenn Reynolds. Needless to say, Larry Correia features in the article and not as a villain.

And we have how long until WorldCon? Can you imagine what the hue and cry will be if Larry or Vox or any of the other “undesirables” win? I have the popcorn. Who has the drink and chocolate?

11 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. I’ve got German, Swiss, and Italian chocolate (I love clearance sales!), plus some American stuff from my emergency stash. Milk and dark, but nothing over 65% coco.

  2. For the record, there is still apparently time to get memberships for WorldCon and vote in the Hugos.

    I’m trying to refrain from voting for Vox just out of spite. I haven’t read his story yet, after all, but I’m not going to be the flip side of the GHH crowd either.

    Larry’s getting a vote because Warbound freaking ROCKED!

    1. I got a supporting membership too, because I figured I wanted to read all of the entries and that was the easiest way to do it. The membership contact said they’d had 1000 new memberships in the last week, so they were behind in “generating the Hugo pins”. Sounds like they could use some help with the automation bits…

      1. 1000 new memberships in the last week? I suppose a bunch of those might be WoT fans, but I wonder if some of it might be people who are catching up on the controversy… it’s going to be a VERY interesting Hugo Awards ceremony.

        1. I know getting books was one the reasons I decided to join. But how do they deliver the books? Are we talking paper or e-books? I’m good either way.
          Of course, I also want to cast a vote for the Hugo, which I had somehow not learned was a fan award.

            1. Last year and the year before, the Hugo voter packet had all of the ebook formats available. Mobi, epub, and PDF for sure.

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