You call THAT a ‘war’?

I spent part of yesterday helping a friend who has problems with the hydraulic clutch on their ute. My conclusion is that I’ll have to go online and buy a new slave cylinder for him. The seal is shot. Why am I telling you this fascinating piece of trivia that you did not need to... Continue Reading →

Communication, subjectivity.

When someone speaks of a neo-Nazi the image that springs to my mind is a large angry skinhead with swastika tattoos, possibly beating up Jews in some inner city. I’m a little confused to find that Irene Gallo, the Creative Director at Tor thinks I am one. Do you think I need to change my... Continue Reading →

And the tantrums continue

I'm in a quandary this morning. My head is already back into the final edits I've been doing for the last week plus on a novel that is very different from anything I've ever done before. I've been alternating between loving the work (on very rare occasions) and hating it enough that I want to... Continue Reading →

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

Throughout the Hugo fracas something has stood out proud and loud as my son would say. There are a number of authors, and not just those who were supported by Sad Puppies 3 and Rabid Puppies but others as well, who are basically standing up and speaking out against the vitriol that is coming from... Continue Reading →

Hugo Semi-Live Comments Thread

The Hugos are happening right now. There's already been a  (horror!) straight white male winner for best fanzine. Feel free to comment on winners, non-winners, commentary, whatever Hugo-related.

Monday Morning

and it's the day after a con. For Dave, it's Conclave Two. He's posted over at Coal-Fired Cuttlefish that he is having to borrow access and a computer. So that may be why we haven't heard from him this morning. Either that or his "con-fusion" is like mine usually is the day after a con... Continue Reading →

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