And so it goes

As I sit here writing this blog, I find myself feeling torn. Today marks and end even as it marks a beginning. But before we get to that, I want to pass on some information about changes afoot at Amazon and, possibly, other outlets as well. The other day, I noticed something odd about the... Continue Reading →

Blind Spots Abound

There are times when you can only sit back and shake your head at the antics of members of the human race. Yesterday was one of those times for me. What really made me want to jump into the fray with both feet was the idiocy began with the promotion of a friend's book about... Continue Reading →

The more things change. . .

The more they stay the same. Which is another way of saying always read the fine print, be prepared to zig when you really want to zag, and always do your research. In other words, today's post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge of topics that I came across last night and... Continue Reading →

AI Writing Apps

Earlier, I was asked about AI writing apps and had to admit I didn't know much about them. I filed the request and made a mental note to get back to it. I hadn't expected it to happen so quickly. Then I saw a very short post about one such program over on The Passive... Continue Reading →

Some answers (?) to your questions

Thanks, everyone, for understanding why I had to delay today's post. I'm going to be doing this one in fits and starts. We're home from the surgeon's office--with a good report for Mom there--and now we're waiting for her first home health care PT appointment. Then the contractor is coming back to finish up some... Continue Reading →

What a day it’s been

Well, I'm back. Mom's home and settled in. I just helped her from her recliner to the bed so she can get a nap. All in all, the transfer home went as well, if not better, than either of us hoped for. But, after three weeks in the hospital/rehab, it took a lot out of... Continue Reading →

Post will come this afternoon

Sorry, everyone, but I'm going to be late today. I have a very important date, you see. Mom is being discharged from Rehab to home this morning. So I'm up here at the hospital (rehab is inside the main building, which is very nice, btw) waiting for the doctor, the delivery of things like the... Continue Reading →

When Life Interrupts

First off, I want to thank Sarah for filling in for me last week. There was absolutely no way I could have put together anything close to coherent. The last three weeks (as of tomorrow) have seen me spending way too many hours at the hospital and rehab. Mom fell--she's going to be fine--but there... Continue Reading →

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