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How Will Publishing Look After Covid-19?

Let’s start with a singular truth many of us don’t think about when considering the publishing industry. It consists of much more than the publishing houses. There are distributors, like Simon & Schuster which is now on the auction block. There are the various contractors who work for publishers, including editors, proofreaders and even those who design the interior and exterior of a book. There are the bookstores and online merchants. Each of these have been impacted over the last decade plus by changes in technology, changes in reading habits and by Amazon and other online retailers. But nothing will impact them like Covid-19, thanks to actions taken by local, state and national governments. Read more

Welcome to Interesting Times

I hope everyone is coping all right with all the “changes” we’re seeing right now. Yes, the world has gone insane. There are those overreacting and thinking Covid-19 is going to lead to the end of the world as we know it. Others are overreacting and seeing conspiracies behind every statement and action. For this introvert, I spend an awful lot of my day simply shaking my head as I watch too many folks running around with their heads on fire. I’ll even admit to being a bit miffed (okay, it’s more than a bit and certainly more than miffed) that some folks I thought of as friends haven’t reached out to check on us after learning Mom may have been exposed to Covid-19 at church. Fortunately, so far, she is symptom free and we only have a couple more days until she’s in the clear (me too, since we live together).

I can’t speak for every blogger here or every writer out there, but I am seeing a positive trend from Covid-19. With more people home, they are looking for things to do. That means a number of them are looking for books to read. A number of authors, and even a few traditional publishers, have put their works on sale or listed them as part of Kindle Unlimited.

This is the first time I’ve dropped the price of pretty much my entire library. When I’ve done sales before, I have seen a day or two and then it flattened out. For the week or so my novels have been on sale, the numbers have continued to be fairly steady. While it would be nice to have these sales at full price, it is giving me some state points to look at and consider before pricing the next novel out.

So here’s the first set of questions for you. As a writer, have you put your work on sale to help readers fight boredom and not worry about their pocketbook at a time when they might be out of work?

Second question, as a reader stuck at home, are you looking for new books or new authors? How much are you willing to pay for someone you haven’t read before to get that first “taste”?

Now for a quick announcement. I have a new short story out today. Nocturnal Prey takes place after Nocturnal Revelations and will be one of several stories bridging the books already out in the series and the next story arc. I’m still working on the nuts and bolts of the background for the next arc. I hadn’t actually planned on writing Nocturnal Prey, but you know what my muse is like. She’s called Myrtle the Evil Muse for a reason.

This story is a bit different in that it is told from Mac’s first person point of view. I hope you give it a try and that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here’s the blurb:

Three years ago, Mackenzie Santos’ nightmare became reality. The world learned shapeshifters really do exist. Since then, Mac has worked hard to do her duty as a cop, as an alpha and as a mother. Now those duties all come spiraling together as she becomes the hunted. If she isn’t careful, not only will her life be forfeit but so will the lives of her daughter and all those she cares for.

Until later!

For your reading pleasure

Yes, this is a repost of Friday’s promo post. Because some of the books may have aged off, please be sure to check the prices. However, a number of them are still on sale/free. There have been a few additions as well.–ASG

Here at MGC, we know everyone loves to read. Right now, most of us have extra time to indulge in our favorite pastime. Some of our bloggers decided to follow the example set by fellow indie author JL Curtis. We have either put some (or all) of our books on sale or have taken some titles free. Here is a list of what we have at reduced prices. Read more

Friday Promo Post

Good afternoon, everyone. Here at MGC, we know everyone loves to read. Right now, most of us have extra time to indulge in our favorite pastime. Some of our bloggers decided to follow the example set by fellow indie author JL Curtis. We have either put some (or all) of our books on sale or have taken some titles free. Here is a list of what we have at reduced prices.

I want to again, thank JL Curtis for coming up with the idea and letting us tag along. And, since he started this, I’m going to start off with a link to his Amazon author page. Jim’s put all his books on sale and, if you haven’t read his work yet, please take advantage of the sale and check him out. Read more

New starts and other thoughts

I’m baaaack! Actually, sleep will come shortly.More on that in a minute.

With Risen from Ashes now out, it’s time to turn my attention to the next project. Night Shadows is the next entry in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series. I am really excited about this book and the plot is all but screaming to be let out. This is a good thing.

The bad thing is that every project seems to have its own idiosyncrasies that seem to slow down the actual writing. It might be needing to find a new place in the house to write. Sometimes, it means changing which machine I write on–the Mac or the iPad Pro or the PC laptop. Usually, within a chapter or two, I can move back to the Mac. Usually being the operative word. Read more

I will be back shortly

I will return with a post in a couple of hours. I’ve been up most of the night with a sick kitty and need to grab some sleep. Sorry for the delay.

Release Day!

Well, to be accurate, it is Release Day + 1. Risen from Ashes rushed through the approval process at Amazon in record time and actually came out yesterday. It is available as an e-book now and the print version should be available (knock on wood) in another day or two. The files for it have been submitted and we’re just waiting for the final approval.

Because of the delay in release, I’ve done something I don’t usually do. I discounted the price. You see, I love this series and want you guys to as well. It is also available as through Kindle Unlimited. I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a review, especially if you enjoyed the book. Oh, and don’t forget to let your friends know!

Here’s the blurb:

As a Marine, Ashlyn Shaw knows the day might come when she would not return from a mission. As an officer in the Fuerconese Marine Corps, she’s faced the difficult duty of sending the men and women under her command to their deaths. Both are nightmares she, and so many like her, live with. War is a cruel and costly endeavor, but one well worth the cost if it means keeping their homeworld free.

What Ash wasn’t prepared for was betrayal. Betrayal by members of her own government. Betrayal by certain members of the military. Betrayal by supposed allies. Betrayals that cost the lives of too many she cared for.

Unluckily for her enemies, that betrayal has cut too deeply to be allowed to go unpunished. Her enemies will soon learn how foolish they were to push her too far.