Wow, what a week!

And it's only Tuesday. Even though I've been keeping my head down in an attempt to finish getting Jaguar Bound ready for release, the ripples in the universe became so strong, I had to find out what was going on. Imagine my surprise (well, not really) to find an article in GQ castigating guys because... Continue Reading →

It Never Gets Boring

Wow, this past week has been anything but boring. Brandon Sanderson basically broke the internet with his Kickstarter campaign. SFWA decided to change its name. More on book bans and antisemitism. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm not going to say much about Sanderson's kickstarter except this: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and "Way to go!".... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Morning Roundup

Good morning, everyone! I had a post all planned for today and poof! it disappeared from my brain before I could write it. So I went traipsing through the internet, looking for inspiration and came across a handful of articles I thought I'd share. The first has me standing up and cheering because the literary... Continue Reading →

Interview with Jean Rabe

Edward Stasheff, the son of Fantasy Master Christopher Stasheff, and a writer in his own right, contacted me not too long ago and asked if the Mad Genius Club would be interested in hosting an interview with Jean Rabe. I almost broke my fingers answering back yes. I'll tell you how happy I was, I... Continue Reading →

It’s all about your options

Last week, Cedar and I were talking about what we might blog about over the next few weeks. One thing I want to do is a breakdown of my sales since the Kindle Unlimited program began. Because it entails math -- I'm math-challenged at the best of times -- it is something I don't want... Continue Reading →

F%$K me, SFWA, One More Time

*eyeroll* SFWA's getting involved? On the side of Hachette, obvs.    Nothing like supporting the pimp and dissing the girls.   What? I give you pleasure, you give me money. What does that make me?    Only... I don’t have a middleman over my head taking most of my money. I’m a free girl.   ... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning

and it's the day after a con. For Dave, it's Conclave Two. He's posted over at Coal-Fired Cuttlefish that he is having to borrow access and a computer. So that may be why we haven't heard from him this morning. Either that or his "con-fusion" is like mine usually is the day after a con... Continue Reading →

I’m tired

Let me start with a quick apology for the late post. The weather has done its best to lay me low. Highs in the 80's one day and sleet and ice the next. It all has my sinuses clogged, my head fuzzy and a fever hit last night that I can't seem to shake. I... Continue Reading →

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