A bit of promotion and then an open floor

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend. Since Sarah has finished her workshop and we don’t have another in the queue yet, I thought this was the perfect time for some promotion for the MGCers and then we’ll throw the floor open to comments and workshop suggestions. So, let’s get on with the promos!

Dave’s novel, Dog and Dragon, is the sequel to Dragon’s Ring.From the Amazon product page description: #2 in the Dragon’s Ring high fantasy series. A wry and clever young heroine coming into her magical powers is flung into the midst of power struggles and momentous battles in a world where her coming may be the answer to a long-awaited prophecy of liberation from tyrannical rulers.

Lyonesse: a world formed with a magic so deep that it takes a true king to hold its parts in balance.  Yet there is no king on the throne, and a dark power struggle is underway between an ancient sorceress with her shadow army of destruction and the human subjects of Lyonesse’s power-mad wizard. The only spark of hope is a prophecy that tells of a Defender who will one day come and set things to right.

Young Meb, flung from her dragon-ruled homeland in another plane of existence into Lyonesse, doesn’t think she’s been called to be any kind of Defender.  And she certainly isn’t happy when she’s immediately embroiled in the deadly power plots of the local royals. But Meb also happens to be an adept at the universe-folding skill of Planomancy, trained by a  world-walking troubleshooter of the multiverse, the great Dragon Fionn himself –a dragon who is desperately searching for Meb, whom he’s come to love. Accompanying Fionn is Dileas, Meb’s pet and the most loyal magic sheep dog in a thousand universes. If anyone can track Meb across time and space, Dileas can.

As the legions of Shadow Hall gather to bring down the leaderless kingdom, Meb must decide whether to use her ability to become the Defender everyone hopes for–if only to avoid becoming the plaything of tyrants. With the Dragon Fionn on the way, magical battle is joined, and the destiny of universes hangs upon the courage in one young woman’s heart.

Dave has a wonderful new YA novel coming out soon as well. Cuttlefish will be published in July, but is now available for pre-order. From the Amazon description: The smallest thing can change the path of history.The year is 1976, and the British Empire still spans the globe. Coal drives the world, and the smog of it hangs thick over the canals of London.

Clara Calland is on the run. Hunted, along with her scientist mother, by Menshevik spies and Imperial soldiers, they flee Ireland for London. They must escape airships, treachery, and capture. Under flooded London’s canals, they join the rebels who live in the dank tunnels there.

Tim Barnabas is one of the underpeople, born to the secret town of drowned London, place of anti-imperialist republicans and Irish rebels, part of the Liberty—the people who would see a return to older values and free elections. Seeing no farther than his next meal, Tim has hired on as a submariner on the Cuttlefish, a coal-fired submarine that runs smuggled cargoes beneath the steamship patrols, to the fortress America and beyond.

When the Imperial soldiery comes ravening, Clara and her mother are forced to flee aboard the Cuttlefish. Hunted like beasts, the submarine and her crew must undertake a desperate voyage across the world, from the Faeroes to the Caribbean and finally across the Pacific to find safety. But only Clara and Tim Barnabas can steer them past treachery and disaster, to freedom in Westralia. Carried with them—a lost scientific secret that threatens the very heart of Imperial power.

Sarah has Sword & Blood (written as Sarah Marques) now out. From the Amazon description: In a world where vampires have taken every humble chapel, defiled every grand cathedral, subdued most nations, and treated every human as cattle, Dumas’ hero musketeers rise to a greater challenge than they ever met in their original adventures. Athos has spent a decade fighting vampires in the king’s musketeers. He never expected to see his wife again – he’d discovered Charlotte was a vampiric servant, hanged and left for dead ten years before – yet it is she who turns Athos into a vampire. Or does she? Despite the craving for blood and overwhelming sexual hunger, Athos walks the fine line between the worlds, remaining human enough to fight vampires. Only his commitment and loyalty to his friends – fellow musketeers Porthos and Aramis – and a young Gascon named D’Artagnan, allows him to keep his soul through an adventure that tests the heights of his heroism and the depth of his darkest desires.

First Blood, a short story set in the Vampire Musketeers universe is also available. From the Amazon description: Vampires once more walk the Earth. Kings have bowed before them. The Church has been corrupted and only a few renegade priests and musketeers hold out to save humanity. It is against this backdrop that seminary student Rene D’Herblay finds himself fighting not only for his life, but for the lives of those he holds dear.

Fleeing an attack on his seminary, young Rene embarks upon a new mission, one to cleanse his ancestral lands of the vampires and one that ultimately leads him to cross paths with musketeers Athos and Porthos. This leads to a new life and identity and Rene, now Aramis, will join Athos and Porthos to become the Three Musketeers.

A Fatal Stain, the third book in Sarah’s (writing as Elise Hyatt) A Daring Finds series, will be coming out in October. It is now available for pre-order.

Darkship Renegades, Sarah’s follow-up to Darkship Thieves, will be available this December. You can pre-order it now. From the Amazon description: Entry number two in Sarah A. Hoyt’s rollicking and popular Darkship series, sequel to Darkship Thieves,and winner of the Prometheus Award.

After rescuing her star pilot husband and discovering the dark secret of her own past on Earth, Athena Hera Sinistra returns to space habitat Eden to start life anew.  Not happening.  Thena and  Kit are placed under arrest for the crime of coming back alive.  The only escape from a death sentence: return to Earth and bring back the lost secret to creating the Powertrees, the energy source of both Eden and Earth whose technological secrets have been lost to war.  But that mission is secondary to a greater imperative.  Above all else, Thena must not get caught.  If she does, then suicide is to be the only option.

With the odds heavily stacked against not only success, but survival, Thena comes to understand what her cynical accusers do not: it is not merely one woman’s life on the line anymore. For it’s on Earth where the adventure truly begins, and a secret is discovered that must be revealed and exploited, else humanity’s days are most certainly numbered.  Thena realizes that what is truly at stake is the fate of Eden and Earth alike, the continuance of the darkship fleet–and freedom for all in the Solar system–and beyond.

Kate, who is off enjoying herself at a con this weekend — at least I hope she’s enjoying herself and, if I’m honest, getting more material for her Con series — has a couple of new titles as well. The first, ConFur, is a short story written in The Vampire Con Series world. From the Amazon description: A vampire at a science fiction convention might not seem that far-fetched except for one thing, Jim is a real vampire. Of course, he’s not the only supernatural being making the circuit. There are demon editors, succubi authors and the odd archangel. Jim’s learned how to deal with all of them, as well as the humans, without getting into too much trouble. But he’s about to learn a very important lesson – it is never wise to stand between a mother werewolf and her children, even if you aren’t the one responsible for their disappearances. There’s only one thing Jim can do. He has to find the kids and deal with those responsible. Little does he know this will lead to a long, and not always comfortable, relationship with a young werewolf who insists on calling him “Hickey”.

Upcoming from Kate are ConSensual, book two in The Vampire Con Series. It will be available early this summer. ConVent, the first book in the series, is available now.

For those of you who have been waiting for the next book in her Impaler series, I happen to know that she’s been working on book two. In the meantime, the prequel novella, Born in Blood, is free for a limited time on Amazon. From the Amazon description: Vlad Dracul, known later in life as Vlad the Impaler, suffered more than any should at the hands of Mehmed, son of Sultan Murad. Of all the pain and indignities brought upon him at the behest of the future ruler of the Ottoman Empire, the curse was the worst. All the young Vlad can do is try to survive and plot his vengeance.

Chris has been working on the second and third books in his Jakirian series. To get ready for them, I suggest you check out Flight of the Phoenix, the prequel to the series. From the description: Belin has earned a comfortable retirement after years as a general in the service of the Bulvuran Empire. But, as is often the case with warriors, it isn’t to be. Beset by visions of the demise of the Emperor,Belin strikes off across the leagues from the Delta province to the capital Raynor to save Empress Evelyn and her newborn child from death at the hands of the Eathal shapechanger and Sorcerer Geisel. The general’s legendary greatscythe skills will be put to the test against overwhelming opposition. He must overcome the treachery of those Suul who seek to profit from the fall of the Empire – and confront his own fears of Sorcery as he comes face-to-face with Geisel.

The Calvanni is the first book in the Jakirian series. From the Amazon description: The time is Storm Season on the world of Yos, when the twin suns eclipse and the planet is plunged into bitter cold.

Cedrin, a street-wise calvanni (knife fighter) is forced to join a rebellion against the rulers of his native Athria.

Ellen, daughter of the assassinated Athrian Sarlord, is named as heir. She struggles to assert herself, little suspecting the civil war that will be unleashed on Athria within days.

And I guess that leaves me. Nocturnal Serenade is now available. From the description: In this sequel to Nocturnal Origins, Lt. Mackenzie Santos of the Dallas Police Department learns there are worst things than finding out you come from a long line of shapeshifters. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself. It’s not that she resents suddenly discovering she can turn into a jaguar. Nor is it really the fact that no one warned her what might happen to her one day. Although, come to think of it, her mother does have a lot of explaining to do when – and if – Mac ever talks to her again. No, the real problem is how to keep the existence of shapeshifters hidden from the normals, especially when just one piece of forensic evidence in the hands of the wrong technician could lead to their discovery.

Add in blackmail, a long overdue talk with her grandmother about their heritage and an attack on her mother and Mac’s life is about to get a lot more complicated. What she wouldn’t give for a run-of-the-mill murder to investigate. THAT would be a nice change of pace.

Nocturnal Haunts is a novella set in the Nocturnal Lives universe. From the description: Mackenzie Santos has seen just about everything in more than ten years as a cop. The last few months have certainly shown her more than she’d ever expected. When she’s called out to a crime scene and has to face the possibility that there are even more monsters walking the Earth than she knew, she finds herself longing for the days before she started turning furry with the full moon.

Now, if I can keep these characters quiet long enough to finish working on the mystery that’s been demanding my attention and then Rye Crisp, part mystery, part contemporary fantasy, part romance, part who-know-what that I’m co-authoring with Sarah. . . .

So, now it’s your turn. The floor is yours. What questions or comments do you have about the publishing industry? What sort of workshops would you like us to do?


  1. Oh, yeah, for those whose critiques I’ve not done from the workshop — they’ll be forthcoming this week. For reasons of health concentrating enough to EDIT other people (as opposed to myself) has been REALLY hard. But it’s getting better. So, hold on tight.

  2. What a cool list. I need to derail my editing and writing long enough to make progress on that stack of books over there and on the Kindle.

  3. I finished reading Dog and Dragon yesterday, and it’s an outstanding story. If I may be so bold, this has to be Dave’s best novel to date — and that’s saying something. If you’re someone who likes a good read, this (along with its predecessor, Dragon’s Ring) is a great book to spend your beer money on.

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