Support and Inspiration

I'll admit I had no idea what to write about today. Between trying to finish up one novel, get another two ready for print and adulting, the last thing on my mind was the blog. Then I realized it was Tuesday and, oops!, my day here. Fortunately, a couple of fellow writers and I were... Continue Reading →

Tuesday links and a few thoughts

When I first started posting here at MGC, it was my job to be the link-master of sorts. publishing was in the early throes of the upheavals we still see rocking its foundations. Around that time, Amazon started the pre-cursor to the KDP program. Oh the howls of outrage, howls that still sound from time... Continue Reading →

Humor in Writing

Yesterday my body switched to “off” and left me feeling as though I couldn’t think straight, much less write. Sanford Begley offered to step up and write something for the Mad Genius Clubbers, which was very noble of him, considering he is somewhere at the headwaters of the River Nile when it comes to admitting... Continue Reading →

Enriching the soil

A big part of SF and Fantasy writing is the world-building - creating the illusion of an entire culture out there that exists independently of the story you're telling. If the illusion is well done, the piece feels more solid and will often be much stronger even though the world-building doesn't directly impact the characters... Continue Reading →

Again a Still, Small Voice

by Sarah A. Hoyt Cross-posted from According to Hoyt A year and a half ago I blogged about Lloyd Biggle Jr.’s novel, The Still Small Voice of Trumpets. I’ll confess I was not perfectly straight forward with you, when I did that.  If I remember, I wrote from the perspective of a reader, and how... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the real world

by Amanda S. Green For those of you looking for Sarah's workshop, she sends her apologies. Between not feeling good this past week and having to leave earlier for Denver this weekend than she expected, she wasn't able to polish her post for today. She said to tell you that she will put the next... Continue Reading →

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