Be on the look out!

A strange looking raccoon wearing a kilt and matching tartan jester hat saunters in and draws back a curtain showing a female writer working feverishly at a laptop, sweat flying off of her in an almost cartoonish fashion. Sitting next to her holding a cattle prod and pistol is an irritated looking editorial demon. It quickly becomes apparent only her arms are free as she is tied to the chair with what appears to be licorice whips.

“Ladies and gentlemen as you can see your regularly scheduled poster will not be with you today,” the raccoon says in a reasonable approximation of a network television talking head. “Kate Paulk is dreadfully behind on ConSensual, the next of the ‘Jim the Con-going vampire’ series.
“She will return at a later date, however, providing she finishes the rewrites as requested by the editorial demons. The demons and, frankly her fans, had become tired of waiting and kidnapped her. Additionally we are holding her supplies of chocolate hostage and will eat it all before her eyes if she does not finish the book directly. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
“We now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity.”
UPDATE: Just received at the Swank Mad Genius Club resort, the following:
Wee haf Kate Pl pa Paulk and we’re not giving her back unless
1 – you giv us one hunderd dollars in unmarked penise penies  pennies
2- you gift us more con booksies NOW
3- you make Sarah Hoyt die  dye her hair a more plausible shade of brown and also shut up already.
The editorial demons.  (We are powerful, but we can’t spell.)


  1. Thanks, Pat… I think.

    Moving this week has kicked me and hubby something fierce. Both of us are exhausted, hurt in places we didn’t know we had, and have no brain.

    Plus side, the rental we moved out of is now clean. Minus side, despite huge culling we still have a metric shit-ton of crap to unpack and sort out.

    1. Excuses, excuses, excuses. We wants more ConVent books…oh, wait, I have the edits. Bwahahahahaha. I iz evil editor. What will the rest of you give me as bribes for an early look?

  2. Sorry, Kate, but I have to side with the demons on this …
    I was a rabid fan of Butcher’s Dresden series through the first few books, and then dropped them mid-book when the vampires took center stage. I hate vamps that much, on a bone-deep (and religiously based) level I can’t control. But when I started ConVent, I got so enthralled that Laura complained that she was once again a book-widow.

      1. It’s a more mature book and it’s unput-downable. ON SECOND read. While editing it. D*mn woman kept me up till three in the morning night before Fencon. I ask you, would a friend do that?

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