Capclave Sheepies

It’s off to Capclave tomorrow, with the usual levels of nervous (no, it’s not “performance anxiety”). Like most author types I’m terminally shy and would much rather hide in a corner. So I put on my warpaint and my not-exactly-demon-wear (I have some taste. Demons have none) and present a false front to the world at large, medium and small, and hope it sticks. Of course, I’ve done absolutely no packing, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff I need to take with me, like the box of copies of Impaler (not signed yet – they will be. Sometime), the bookmarks, the other bookmarks, the mother, the sparkly but too tasteful to be demon wear clothing, and of course the fully loaded kindle (it’s not loaded yet. I need to put the most recent revision of ConVent on it in case of readings). Not to mention assorted other bits and pieces. And I travel light compared to some… I’ll probably get everything except the box of books into a smallish duffel bag. The mother, on the other claw, will be carrying enough to kill a packhorse. This is something I try to avoid because good packhorses are expensive, and I don’t want to carry the stuff myself – and believe me, if I thought I wouldn’t have to carry the stuff I’d have more than enough to kill a whole herd.

Anyway… When I’m not going “OMG my first con with actual physical book in hand”, I’ve been using excessive violence in the form of the Overlord games (and the sheepies! Killing sheepies is fun. And it’s good for you. Eases stress. Even when they’re demonic sheepies – or maybe especially when they’re demonic sheepies). There may be a post at some stage involving the importance of sheepie molestation in maintaining a healthy attitude to writing.

Oh, yes, and proof of just how healthy my attitude actually is, the first snippet of ConVent is up over at the Naked Truth. No, not that kind of “up”. Save that for the innies vs outies panel.

And just in case anyone missed it, my schedule for Capclave is:


1:30 Reading

4:00 Alternate History


12:00 Urban Fantasy

2:00 Innies or Outies (which is actually about whether the werewolves, vampires etc are closeted or not, and promises to be fun even if I can’t – or maybe especially if I can’t – keep my sense of humor to a PG rating)



    1. Let’s start operation Flying Monkey where we will each donate a tuckerization or other object of value to auction to bring the Monkey and Mrs. Monkey over for a visit!

  1. I want video with full audio of the innie and outie panel. Why, you ask. Because I know you Kate. You might try, but you won’t be able to keep the inner snark under control. THAT’s why I want the video….hehehehehe

  2. I’m making my first attempt at composing a filk parody. The “innies and outies” thing might work for a verse. Yay.

    So far I’ve got “Are we human, or are we vampires… my heart stopped beating, my blood is cold…” and then probably something about “do we sparkle, in the sunshine…”

    “Are we hiding, or out among you?” would be a good start for a third verse.

    Cool beans. 🙂

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