Raise a cold One

I'm trying to decide if the dull headache and difficulty focusing is lack of coffee, or excess of immune system reaction to allergens, or quite possibly both. I mean, why not both? I have a tall tinkling glassfull of iced coffee at hand, and an allergy pill onboard, and any minute now, I'll have a... Continue Reading →

I’m Late, I’m Late!

I honestly forgot what day it was. I’m on vacation and the days have begun to blur... plus, there are so many cogs whirring in the background I’m beginning to feel like I’m caught inside a clock and time is outside pressing in. I’m being vague, but life is in motion for me, and mine.... Continue Reading →


But only in the literary sense. I am way too old to accomplish such a feat in any other fashion. Thank. Goodness. You see, what happened was this . . . the last book in the huge series ended with my heroes dealing a death blow to a particularly nasty Cross Dimensional Empire. Not that... Continue Reading →

Disaster Snowballs

Delay of game for coffee and a little Christmas shopping this morning. You see... no, let me back up a little. This has been an interesting year. You know that. For me, it's been oddly normal with an underlying foundation of pure stress. I go to work five days a week, wear a mask, deal... Continue Reading →

Landing On My Feet

Tired. Long week. The children’s disparate reactions to Mrs. Dave’s absence are exhausting. I’m doing the thing where I run headlong into my own limitations, again. I’m finding it irritating. So, per the Irreverend’s advice, I’m lowering my expectations. I do not have it in me at this time to write a novel while Mrs.... Continue Reading →

Nibbled by Ducks

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year, not really. Instead, I’m trying to refocus on writing and remake daily habits around writing. It’s a good thing I’m not doing NaNo, because yesterday I was nibbled to death by ducks. I actually like ducks. Both in real life, and the end result of my fate yesterday, which... Continue Reading →

Off the Rails

I’m crossing my fingers while writing this that the internet will hold on long enough for me to post it. Since the Great Outage, I’ve bought a new router, jumped through more network hoops than I care to think about, worked ten hours a day at the day job with the exception of the day... Continue Reading →

Taking time to recharge

This is the first time in almost five days that I've opened my laptop to do anything other than a quick check of email. I haven't blogged. I haven't put down a single new word of fiction. I even quit carrying my iPad around with me wherever I went. Better yet, I haven't felt a... Continue Reading →

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