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Amanda’s away this morning, so who has anything they want to talk about? Any questions that don’t involve the number 42?

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  1. Hahahahahaha!

    /mad laughter

    I was just joking about Crusader Kings II as a basis for historical narrative, and have EU, Vicky, and Hearts of Iron on my mind likewise.

    I’ve just written up some details on Bradford Jay Raffensperger, so that one email from the law school deans is also begging me for attention.

    I’ve been recently obsessed with a really long epic fantasy xianxia I’ve been reading on Royal Road. Currently, the updates are covering a battle between around 400-500 kung fu wizards, and some thousands of berserk orcs. There’s factional politics involved with what the good guys are trying to accomplish with this battle. I’ve taken some careful notes, and there are some things due to show up that may top what has occurred so far.

    Anyway, I’m obviously silly and have little useful to say. I may be a wee bit stressed.

  2. Continue the story challenge!

    The rules are:
    1) Call “dibs” as a reply to the latest bit of story to claim the Pen of Continuance.
    2) Use the general reply to general post to enter your contribution. (Lest the margins swallow the story.)
    3) Preface your contribution with “Continued…” and a line break to distinguish the continuing story from other chatter.
    4) Keep it suitable for public display. Don’t scare the horses, and keep freaking the ‘danes to the bare minimum. (I hear they have axes! And we’re not even going to talk about the Bear Danes.)

    I call dibs on launching the inaugural attempt.
    (As the proposing entity, if anyone should pratfall out of the gate, it should rightly be me.)
    Look for it momentarily.

  3. Once upon a time, way up in the High Hedgerows, there lived a little hedgehog, and this hedgehog’s name was Herman. Now, Herman was a bit of a hermit. He had a beastly speech impediment, and simply could not avoid dropping his “H”s while talking, and ‘e was ‘orribly self-conscious about it, as any ‘edge’og named ‘erman living in the ‘igh ‘edgerowns would naturally be. So ‘e kept to ‘imself, out in the nearly-wild ways, but watched peasants and travelers with the wistfulness of someone watching something forever beyond ‘is reach.

    One day, as ‘e went snuffling about on ‘is ‘edge’og way, ‘e ‘eard a woman screaming. Now ‘erman was ‘ardly ‘eroic. So ‘e ‘id ‘imself in the ‘edgerow along the roadside, and balled ‘imself up tight. The screaming continued for awhile, then slowly died off. ‘erman ‘eard the sound of a ‘orse coming up the road from the other direction. ‘e jumped out to warn the traveler, and was amazed to see a knight of some renown. (He was called The Knight of the Brazen Codpiece, for it was by that ornament he was most well known.)

    ‘elp! ‘elp! cried ‘erman.

    (passes the pen)

    1. Unfortunately for ‘erman, between clopping of ‘ooves and clanking of armor, the knight ‘eard not the small squeaky cries and ‘erman ‘ad to ‘ustle off the road lest ‘e be trampled.

  4. “What power tools ‘ave you used to trim your toenails?” ‘e asked.
    The Glowing Wee-wee, for thus he was termed by ‘is friends, paused to consider.
    “Do you mean me ‘orse, or me ‘andsome self?” ‘e answered.
    “Yer ‘orse, of course!” retorted ‘erman. “Only a Redneck would self-manicure with power tools!”
    “Funny you should say that,” said GW-W, “as I ‘appen to be ‘unting a Redneck rumored to ‘abitate these ‘appy lands ‘ere. I ‘ave ‘eard some suggestion that ‘e might ‘ave left off self-manicure, and ‘astened to ‘assle ‘is neighbors with undesired and undesirable toe ‘acking. ‘Ave you ‘eard any such ruckus recently?”

    (passes the pen)

  5. Something I’ve wanted to mention for a while, but never found a good thread to post it on:
    Some fonts do not enlarge as well as others on a Kindle. It has something to do with the inter-line spacing and may not be font problem, per se. With some fonts, the whitespace enlarges as much as or more than the text, which results in really small amounts of text on the screen. With others, the text gets nicely larger while leaving the whitespace sane.
    I wanted to provide examples from authors here, but I don’t have anything handy.

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