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Ah holidays

If you haven’t figured it out, the Mad Geniuses have been enjoying time with their families this week. Okay, I’m sure a few of us even ventured out to shop on Black Friday (shudder). I know I speak for all of us when I say we hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday and whatever the catch word is for today.

I will even admit to having just rolled out of bed and realizing it’s my day to blog. Since I haven’t had coffee, cogent blogging isn’t going to happen. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to throw the floor open for you guys to talk about whatever you want to when it comes to books and publishing. If you have any questions, ask them. We’ll be checking in throughout the day to answer.

There is something else I want you to consider. There are five Fridays next month. That means we have one day without someone scheduled to post. Tell us what you would like to see. Do you want a guest post — and, if so, would you be willing to write one and on what. Or would you rather see one or more of the bloggers here put together a silly tale of entering the New Year?

Now I’m off to find coffee and see if my brain won’t wake up. The floor is now yours.

We want to hear from you!

It’s hard to believe, but Mad Genius Club has been around for 8 years, 11 months (assuming my math is right). That’s over 3,000 posts. In that time, we’ve done our best to keep you up-to-date with what’s been going on in the world of publishing.  Some things have changed a great deal in that time while others appear to remain written in stone,  on a cave wall deep in the past. We’ve given you a glimpse — and sometimes more — of our lives as writers and our process when it comes to writing. So, as we close in on that 9th anniversary, we want to hear from you.

When Sarah and Dave first started the blog and reached out to others to join them, the purpose was to give authors and those who want to be authors a place to come for information on the industry, for support and a place where they could ask questions without fear of reprisal. So, that’s what we are doing today. We want to hear from you. We want to know what issues or topics dealing with publishing you’d like us to cover.

In the comments, give us your suggestions and questions. Be specific whenever possible. While we don’t guarantee we will do a post, or series of posts, on every suggestion, we will address as many as we can. Now, go forth and tell us what you’d like us to cover over the next few months or year.


Readers’ Round Table of Books

Good morning, all! It’s LibertyCon weekend and the fifth Friday of the month. So we here at MGC are going to throw the door and the floor open — so watch where you step. Here are the rules. In the comments below, you can link to either a book you would recommend, a book you’ve written or something a friend has written. Only rules are to keep it PG-13 in the comments and please don’t flood the comments with your own work. Let’s let everyone play.

I’ll get it started off here with a list of books posted over at According to Hoyt this morning. After all, don’t we all need some good books to read?

Note: If you have more than two (I think it’s two) links in your comment, it will go to moderation and stay there until one of us has time to approve it. So keep that in mind. Thanks!

Open floor

Sorry for the late post, everyone, but the Mad Ones have been up to their eyebrows with real life, odd schedules, etc. Because of that, I dropped the ball. Jason normally has the first Friday of each month but I forgot he is now a new homeowner and that, as well as a short story he is trying to write, are his main priorities right now and rightly so. So, I’m going to throw the floor open to you guys today. Tell us about your latest release — short blurb and link — or ask your question about writing and publishing. We’ll be around to answer your questions.

The floor is now yours.

It’s Tuesday and I got nothing. . .

Actually, what I have is a deadline for finishing a novel that is long past and, finally, the novel is letting me write it. Add in spending a large chunk of yesterday working on an upcoming author event for our local library, the largest and most exciting one we’ve ever hosted before, and my brain is not in the blogosphere. So, I’m going to throw the floor open to you guys today. If you’ve seen anything about the publishing industry you want to talk about, post it here. If you have a question you want one of us to answer, now’s your chance. If there’s a topic you want one of us to do a post, or series of posts, about, let us know.

The floor is yours. Have fun.

Open Floor

Good morning, everyone. The mad ones have decided that we’d throw the doors open and see what sort of ideas wandered in. Sarah, quit screaming and looking for a cupboard to hide in! You know we aren’t looking for plots. They multiply in our heads too fast as is. No, we’re wondering what you guys think about the current state of publishing. What do you think will be the result of the DoJ’s suit again Apple and five of the big six publishers? Will Kobo’s latest announcement that they’d be entering the self-publishing/small press publishing realm along the same lines as Apple’s KDP program be real competition for Amazon? How about for Barnes & Noble?

Or how about this: post your favorite quote about literature, publishing or writing from fiction and explain how you think it applies to the business today (or how it doesn’t).

Or anything else you want to ask or comment on.

Open Floor Saturday

The Mad Geniuses — Genii? — are moving slowly today after a week of hard work. (Hey, it’s hard trying to figure out how to take over the publishing world.) So we’re throwing the doors open and inviting everyone to post your thoughts/questions/considerations about the publishing world. The floor is yours! Have fun.