Cover(s) reveal and a bit more

Before we get to the cover reveal, here’s a head’s up. If you were publishing your print books through Createspace, be prepared to move over to the KDP platform or find some other service for your print needs. I’ve used the KDP system when it was still in beta and it’s actually a bit easier to use than the Createspace interface was. The problem now is there’s this little question they ask without giving you any real explanation about what they mean or what the impact of answering “yes” will be.

That’s a screenshot from my KDP dashboard when I began setting up Hunted for its relaunch. There’s no explanation for what they mean by “language, situation or images inappropriate for children. . .”. When I contacted Amazon for clarification, I got an answer that had nothing to do with the original question. So I am waiting for clarification. Why? Because what I consider inappropriate might not be the same as what they do or what you do or whatever.

More than that, I don’t want this question to be something that will send my book into the erotica purgatory of Amazon and other booksellers because, duh, it isn’t erotica, much less more explicit. Yes, it has sex in it but not that much and certainly not more than I’ve seen in some books currently being marketed as YA or New Adult. Hence my desire to find out what they are asking and what the impact of answering “yes” will be. Once I have an response from Amazon, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I will be relaunching Hunted, as well as the other books in the series, shortly. Hunted will be released in both e-book and print formats. This new edition, which can best be described as the “director’s cut” or “expanded” edition, contains approximately 10,000 more words than the original. Some parts of the book have been completely rewritten with one chapter deleted and another several included. I think the edits make a much better book. I hope everyone agrees. The e-book will be launched as soon as I finish getting everything set up. The print edition is ready to go save for the cover flat and finishing the product page set-up. That will wait until I hear back from Amazon.

For now, here are the new covers. For those of you familiar with the original editions, you’ll note the series name has changed to Stalker’s Moon. The titles for the second and third books have also changed. I think the changes better reflect not only the stories but the series as well.

Finally, huge thanks to our own Sarah for the cover design.




  1. ‘Does this book contain language, situations or images inappropriate for children under 18 years of age?’

    Considering what is reportedly being presented to public school children — I have not personally seen it — what would be deemed as inappropriate?

    Not all children are the same. I have considered at length. I found The Daughter engrossed in watching Rashomon when she was twelve. I let her. Other parents might not have made the choice I made, and they may have been perfectly correct as far as their child was concerned.

    1. My current creative writing thing involves stuff that I wouldn’t casually drop into conversation with purported adults of legal age. Considering topics of casual conversation at ATH, most of the regulars are at that level of adult most of the time. Lots of nominal adults are not.

      I’d want clarification that Dick and Jane wouldn’t be considered restricted for sexism, and See Spot Run for racism.

  2. My first attempt to switch over was a no-go because apparently CreateSpace was overloaded. After five minutes of “loading” it witched to “Site has a problem, please try again later.” The second time everything went fine. I did not get the “adult content” question, but it might be because everything was in print already and nothing new moved over.

    1. Yep, but note that the Createspace cover requirements re: size are different from KDP’s. So you have to make sure you meet the new requirements.

  3. Not to mention, they’re covering a huge swath of ages. I have some curse words and demons killing folks in my books which I wouldn’t want a ten-year-old reading. However, anyone 12 and up shouldn’t be overly damaged by what is contained within my pages. They really do need to be more clear about what they’re going for with a question like that.

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