Monday Morning Repeats

I keep reminding myself that today is Tuesday. After all, Dave blogged yesterday. He has Mondays. Today's my day, ergo it's Tuesday. But it sure doesn't feel like it. Any morning that starts with an email from Amazon telling you there's something wrong with your book and you need to fix it get the blood... Continue Reading →

Cover(s) reveal and a bit more

Before we get to the cover reveal, here's a head's up. If you were publishing your print books through Createspace, be prepared to move over to the KDP platform or find some other service for your print needs. I've used the KDP system when it was still in beta and it's actually a bit easier... Continue Reading →

Trying something new.

I'll get back to formatting and related topics next week. This week, I thought I'd discuss what I've been doing with regard to one of my series and my thinking behind it. I've mentioned earlier here, and in greater detail on my blog, that I was going to release a "special edition" of Vengeance from... Continue Reading →

A Cautionary Tale, Part 2

Last week, I wrote "A Cautionary Tale" about what initially appeared to be a bump in the road in the release of Honor from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 3). What I didn't know was that the problem would continue to exist not just for that day but for days and days. In fact, it... Continue Reading →

A Cautionary Tale

Update at the bottom of the post. Update 2 added at 9:50 pm CST -- see below. Yesterday probably had to be the worst day in my life as an indie author. Release days are always nerve-wracking. Will people buy your book? Will they like your book? Or will they say your baby is ugly and laugh... Continue Reading →

Are you ready?

Edited to add note on Apple losing its appeal. Scroll to bottom of post for more. Obviously, I'm not. It is Tuesday morning and I haven't clue one for a blog topic this morning. So, I let my google-fu do the walking and found several posts of interest. Well, to be honest, I let my fingers... Continue Reading →

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