Breaking News: ConVent will be launched at Capclave

A while back I said I had news that would need to wait on a few things to fall into place before I could Reveal All.

Well, now the curtains can be drawn back, and the shocking truth be revealed. Yes, I’m bouncing. And squee-ing. And _ing.

ConVent will be launched at Capclave this year – there’s going to be a mega-launch-party with all the authors launching all together. So if you’re not already booked the 14th – 16th of October and getting to the DC area isn’t too painful, please consider dropping by. I’d love to see you, and I’m sure all the other authors launching would too. More details will be happening as they get nailed down, chloroformed, and otherwise finalized. Right now the thought is to take over the con suite for the launch party.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, this is going to be the dead tree edition launch. There will be actual physical books. I promise to bring some copies of Impaler along, too.

And now I need to stop bouncing before I do something horrible to the local gravity and create my very own black hole. That would be poor form.


  1. SQUEEEE!!!! Wonderful news! Can’t wait (though doubt I’ll be there, personally, I will be in spirit!)

    1. Thanks! Strong spirits, one hopes. If you’re going to party, you need to do it properly.

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