Life of an Indie Author

I've restarted the weekly live chats, and I am contemplating doing readings. Not live readings, but prerecorded teasers of older works, or upcoming ones. I have no idea whether either of those will lead to sales, but that's really not the point of the weekly chats. My son, who has been trying to help me... Continue Reading →

Something Newish from Amazon

I am hip deep in the final week before publication, so looking for blog topics completely slipped my mind. Every writer out there knows where my brain is. It is deep in Victory from Ashes, making sure I haven't missed anything, that all the edits have been input, that it's getting one last pass through... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Say. . .

Just a quick post this morning. If you've been following my personal blog, you know I'm dealing with a shoulder injury that makes keyboarding "interesting". Since I'm on the final push to get Victory from Ashes ready for release, I'm trying to limit keyboarding to that. But never fear, I have found a couple of... Continue Reading →


Here’s why you should. I see it frequently, if not hear it outright, and although there are times the ability to not GaF is a powerful tool, there are definitely times it is a bad thing. When you get to the point where you stop seeing the people around you as humans, but inanimate objects... Continue Reading →

Hachette CEO a shining example. . .

of how out-of-touch much of publishing is when it comes to what their customers want. Arnaud Nourry is a walking, talking example of publishing trying to hold to the old model. Not only does he fail to understand the market but he fails to understand that the market is changing. This attitude hurts not only... Continue Reading →

It really is a business

Maybe it's because taxes are due today. Maybe it's something else. But, for whatever reason, the last few days have been spent looking at my writing from a business standpoint. I try to do this on a regular basis, but I know I don't do it nearly as often as I should. Part of the... Continue Reading →


Having a South African spouse, I've found that our greatest misunderstandings come not from the obvious differences in culture, but from the things you expect are the same... and aren't. British English and American English are just divergent enough to get a poor unsuspecting soul in a lot of trouble, when they thought they were... Continue Reading →

When a book becomes a series

Jason is being held hostage by work this week. He mumbled (can you mumble via IM?) something about 120 hour work week. So I said I'd stand in for him. The following post is one I wrote for Nocturnal-Lives a couple of months ago (with a few updates today). I thought I'd run it here... Continue Reading →

Cranky Writer is, well, cranky

When I went to bed last night, I knew exactly (kind of, sort of) what I was going to write about this morning. It was a toss-up between a post on some comments about the cover of Black Tide Rising, an anthology based on John Ringo's  series of books, and a response to an article... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts, some promo

After the usual suspects came up empty when I asked for blog topics last night, I found myself wondering just what to write about today. It would be easy enough to do a riff on the "outrage" over Neil Gaiman's Clarion tweet. But that's been done by better folks than me (waves at Brad). I... Continue Reading →

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