I Need More Time

Actually, I need to be in about three places at once. This is my way of telling you today’s post will be postponed until this afternoon thanks to a faulty sprinkler system controller that left the water running on ONE station all night. So I have a quagmire in the backyard, a dog who has decided he does NOT like getting his feet wet and refuses to go out and a water bill I don’t want to consider. Add to that a PT appointment for Mom and a pre-op appointment for me–all before noon–and I am losing my mind.

So give a writer a break and give me an idea or three about what you’d like me to blog about when I get back.

Until then, drink some coffee for me because I don’t even have time for that this morning.

7 thoughts on “I Need More Time

  1. Idea: when life is chaos, how do you focus to write? (i.e., once things settle down a bit this afternoon or tomorrow perhaps, even though there’s a lot you have to do, how do you clear your brain to get something done?) Set a timer, promise yourself X amount of time to focus? First thing in the morning, or later at night?

  2. Good luck.

    We had a glitch in our sprinkler this weekend. There’d been a power outage that Friday, and its clock got nuked, so instead of starting up at 2am, like it’s set to, it turned on while we had the electric smoker set up smoking baloney.

    Everything ended up fine, but it was a bit of a surprise to say the least…

  3. Young Wizard: Well, I guess that I can make more time…

    Older Wizard: Don’t Even Think About Doing That!


  4. Work/life balance and pesky time management?
    And how man plans and God laughs?

  5. The price of creativity proves the truth of the old Satan how’s the old statement use it or lose it

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