Open Call: Hunting Anthology

For full details, and examples of illustrations, check out my original post.

To sum up: I’m looking for hunting tales, ranging from a couple hundred words in length to perhaps 5000 words long. They can be fiction, but must ring of ‘true story’ and (sorry!) cannot have fantasy elements (you might think you saw Bigfoot, but the story shouldn’t have him as real in it). Deadline for story submission is June 30, 2022. Planned publication date is September 1, 2022.

Send the stories to cedarlila at cedarlili dot art and preferred format is .docx files, I’m not too concerned about the interior formatting as all that will be changed. Please include a header with your name in the file! I am accepting previously published (ie it’s been on your blog, or such) stories, and will consider multiple submissions. Term will be royalty sharing, one year exclusive to the anthology. Anthology will appear in ebook and trade paperback.

Due to the nature of the hunting tale, and it’s shortness, I’m adding an illustration for each story to the volume, so the end result will be a fully illustrated book.

Hunting, fishing, or trapping… the true stories may sound like fiction, while being a strict recounting of the happenings. Or, perhaps, embroidered to amuse the listeners while sitting around the fire at the weary end of the day. Whichever you have, I want to see the tales in this book.

9 thoughts on “Open Call: Hunting Anthology

  1. I love this idea. I just submitted an entry. I’ll see if my brain can recollect a few more.

  2. I sent links to a couple that have already appeared online. But have not heard either yes, no, or go away. Since I only scribble for “content” and am not a real writer, I have low expectations 🙂

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