Hunting Anthology Blues

So a while back (a few months) I decided I'd pick up the gauntlet that had been thrown regarding a hunting anthology. The challenge involved is a simple one: hunting stories tend to be short. Like... really short. Of the submissions in my spreadsheet I have one that weighs in at a hundred words. Balance... Continue Reading →

Open Call: Hunting Anthology

For full details, and examples of illustrations, check out my original post. To sum up: I'm looking for hunting tales, ranging from a couple hundred words in length to perhaps 5000 words long. They can be fiction, but must ring of 'true story' and (sorry!) cannot have fantasy elements (you might think you saw Bigfoot,... Continue Reading →

A Week In

It's been a week since the release of Can't Go Home Again, and it's been an eventful week. Not just because of the holiday, although that's certainly a thing... ours involved a small peaceful day at home munching leftovers from the work feast on Wednesday, and there will be another feast with friends today. There... Continue Reading →

Doffs Hat

I'm a deadline junkie. I've never denied that. The adrenaline rush of bringing it in just a hair before it's too late? Yeah. That. The thing about being an Indie is that deadlines seem squishy. If you move one, who cares besides you? Most of them don't as long as they get the book soon... Continue Reading →

Dear Parents of Readers

Today I'm sharing the introductory letter I wrote for the anthology my publishing house put out this month. Eleven stories, selected by Misha Burnett, the editor, and with all of them he was looking for one thing: family. Sanderley Studios is pleased to present: Adventure Stories for Young Readers. Out now in ebook, paperback coming... Continue Reading →


I'm currently working on two. One will be released to the wilding readers mid-month, and the other had a deadline for story submission of the end of September. I'm changing that. I've been overwhelmed for most of this year, and when I took these two projects on, I was only a little overwhelmed. Well, in... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Taking Out a Contract

This is a guest post from the friendly and talented Joe Monson. I had asked a couple of people I know who had managed anthologies, and Joe got back to me with the following post. Hopefully it will be helpful if any of you are considering herding cat... er, putting together an anthology!  Taking Out... Continue Reading →

Relationships and Anthologies

I got involved in a conversation over on a friend's social media this week. He'd referenced a memory, and commented that it had been 8 years since he'd been published in these anthologies, and he'd never seen any money from it. No upfront payments, no royalties, nothing. Now, it's not that Jason Cordova is a... Continue Reading →

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