Moving Pains

I don’t even know that I can make this about writing. Last night, we loaded everything from the apartment into a 20′ truck… and let me say this. Don’t hire movers through uHaul, just don’t. Anyway, today we find out how much stuff survived the two hour drive after that experience. There are some things that will have. Like the two mystery rocks we found on the windowsill while packing.

We arrived last night after dark, to find the Little Man had kindly reserved a chair for… er, was warning us of the presence of local threats on the walkway.

This morning, there is a sense of peace and calm over the entire house. Even the cat is happy to see us. The family is back under one roof, no more mad dashes between city and tiny town. We may not be able to find anything… like long pants. Since Texas is showing off for us newcomers, and swung from 100+ temps overnight to 60s. It’s all good. We’re here, and we have to do a bit more on the house, and we’ve got time to do it in. One more push to get the big truck unloaded into the garage (and we have a couple of strapping teens coming to assist, good kids, hired through a local contact) and then tomorrow is… well, relaxing may be too strong a word.

It’s the happy ending part of this adventure. You know as well as I do, that Happily Ever After isn’t simply riding off into the sunset to exist in a sort of soft rosy glow. Windows don’t magically clean themselves (rueful glance at that cat peering through the storm door). Boxes are everywhere and life has to readjust to a new tempo, a new place, new stores to shop in… It’s all changing and even if it is for good, there are still little pangs and pains that go along with any change.

Tricksy loves having a yard to herself, unless the neighbor’s dog jumps over to play with her.

As for me? I’m hoping this happy ending segues into a sequel where I can get some writing done. But I do think I’d better arrange to have a desk, soon. Not that using my Hoosier Cabinet for a desk isn’t working surprisingly well, but I would like to be able to make a pie!

Ah! Now, there’s a happy ending. Pie still a little warm from the oven with a scoop of Blue Bell on the side…

Someone demanded pats from all this morning.

30 thoughts on “Moving Pains

  1. Hurrah! That’s a loooong stretch from tiny town to DFW to drive regularly! I hope the old job finally admitted that you’re gone!

  2. André: “Will you settle for ‘happily for the near future and we remembered to get milk on the way home’?”
    Lelia [Mrs. André]: “If I must.”
    Congratulations on getting mostly moved and semi-settled!

  3. I’ll admit that my first thought when I saw the chair wasn’t critters on the side walk but rather a reminder that you needed to terminate the current group of ants for cause and maybe see about hiring some other insects to replace them.

      1. Down here in Florida we use Anoles, tourists call them geckos. Cat’s call them “awesome toys can you open the window so I can eat one?”

        1. A few years ago, I found an anole on a piece of cardboard that was on a trailer that I needed to load. It hitched a ride to Michigan from down South. I carefully put it in a 1 qt jar with holes in the lid and a co-worker took it home to his wife. She likes lizards and already had a terrarium to put it in.

  4. Fire ants are the worst. I still remember being swarmed by them as a little kid in El Paso and my mom coming to my rescue. And moving is just as awful as fire ants. I wish you a pleasant recovery.

      1. Dinner tonight is spicy devilled eggs for appetizer*, jambalaya for main course, and apple turnovers & cherry pie for dessert. Jim’s possibly picking up ice cream so the pie can be a la mode.

        And if I can find my brain and my muse, and a large spiky club to apply to the latter, there might be a chapter to beta-read.

        *I still haven’t found the Tabasco bottle, so I’m going to sub Nando’s peri-peri sauce again. If you’re late, a certain Maltese-born author may scarf your share. You’ve been warned!

  5. Congratulations!
    Still a garage full of boxes, here. The kitchen countertops are on the way (six to eight weeks for delivery – reminds of getting the prizes from sending in cereal box tops as a child). Floor is going in tomorrow. Millwork is _almost_ ordered; I need to decide on door hinge color (?!?!), which will affect door knob choices. I’m so looking forward to this being over.

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