Moving Pains

I don't even know that I can make this about writing. Last night, we loaded everything from the apartment into a 20' truck... and let me say this. Don't hire movers through uHaul, just don't. Anyway, today we find out how much stuff survived the two hour drive after that experience. There are some things... Continue Reading →

Plan C

Last week, I was talking about making plans. I was also being a bit vague, as I was not yet ready to make a big announcement about the plans. This week, the cat's been out of the bag a while! We are moving to the Dallas Texas area. Planning for this was interesting, as I... Continue Reading →


First order of business. I want to apologize for missing last week. No excuse, but I will explain that we were moving, and that weekend was the bulk of the move. I have now moved an entire household with a small SUV and a 4'x8' utility trailer. I don't remember how many trips I made... Continue Reading →

The Crack of Dawn

So, um, I had plans this morning. They involved getting up way too early, rolling over, fooling around with my husband and later, while he made coffee, my writing a post for here. Yeah. We all know what happens to well-laid plans. They become unlaid plans, and sadly, that is the condition of my day.... Continue Reading →

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